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Welcome to Seba Oldage Home. A peaceful old age home for senior citizens, situated in the Panchasayar, (Near E. M Bypass - Peerless Hospital), of Kolkata. The home flirts with the abundant greenery around it, is quiet, and breathes pollution free air, yet, all the amenities of the city are available at a drive of half an hour. Seba Oldage Home, where we believe in providing an atmosphere of companionship, an environment that cares, that celebrates old age and that environment where there is always that person to talk to, who will listen, answer and respond, with compassion.

Seba Oldage Home, is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens. Typically each person or couple in the home has an apartment -style room rooms. Additional facilities are provided within the building. This can include facilities for meals, gatherings, recreation activities, and some form of health or hospice care. A place in a retirement home can be paid for on a rental basis, like an apartment.

SINGLE BED : Rs.8,000/- per head per month

DOUBLE BED : Rs.7,000/- & Rs.8,000/- per head per month

TRIPLE BED : Rs.7 ,000/- per head per month

DORMITORY : Rs. 5,000/- & 6000/- per head per month

FOR HANDICAPPED OLD PEOPLE : along with the attendant, the charges are negotiable.

MEDICAL FACILITY : Routine medical check-up once in a month (Free). Beside this emergency medical assistance, hospitalization, nursing etc. may be arranged
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