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  What is Breast Cancer?
What causes breast cancer?
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Genetic and Breast Cancer
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  Vijaya Mukherjee (Founder Persident)
“Hitaishini teaches us to celebrate life. Each day, each moment is precious, it is not how long we live; it is about how we live each day”

  Nupur Chakraborty (Secretary)
“Giving back their quality of life means emotional
and financial support. A little effort of our can be a tremendous power to them to face the world boldly”

  Cancer survivors and volunteers of Hitaishini Stand shoulder to shoulder to give supportive care to breast cancer patients and their families

  Mission Statement    
  HITAISHINI is a voluntary non-profit Breast Cancer Support Network, the first of its kind in Eastern India. It is a forum member of Reach-to-Recovery International, head­quartered in Queensland, Australia and one of the founder members of Cancer Care India, New Delhi. Its member volunteers are composed of breast cancer survivors and socially committed women. It runs Breast Clinics, attached to Hospitals and Cancer Centres in and around Kolkata, to provide psychological, emotional, medicinal and rehabilitative support to women afflicted with breast cancer. HITAISHINI also conducts Awareness Camps, Seminars, Workshops and 'Walks' to propagate knowledge about breast cancer among the masses.