Creation :

Scientific Features: Topics- Sun-Star world & Chandrasekhar Limit, Robotics, Under the ocean,Halley's Comet, Saturn & its Rings, Jupiter & the satellites, Pathfinder on the Mars, The Voyager. Neptune-Watch, Moon Expedition, Solar spot, Space -Environment, Earthquake, Gemstone, Solely solar, Pearl Perfect, National Science Day & C.V.Raman, Wireless & J.C.Bose, Great Mathematician Ramanujan, Pre-historic animal, Aquanaut, Space-Walk, Cancer awareness, Astrology is fiction, Tears, Star World and Rabindranath, Theory of Evolution etc., .above three hundred and fifty publications..

Social aspects: Topics - Role of mother, Raising up children, single mother, co-educational school, single child, teaching of children, Children's right, Mother-child relation, adoption, killing of female fetus, Human Trafficking, Divorce, Hospitability etc...above hundred publications

Short stories for children & adults...about hundred publications.
Translator from English to Bengali
Associated with All India Radio, Kolkata as a Science Talker (1985 - 2011)

Topics - Superstition, search for food in the ocean, longevity, edible oil, polymer, cigarette
addiction, smelling, sound pollution, Noise, Titanic, Pigeon the Postman .Scientific mind of
Rabindra nath Tagore, Bird Song, Probability, Darwin Day etc...... approximately fifty talks

Author of the following Text Books


Mathematica (Nursery to Grade V) 
Sensing Science (K.G. to Grade)                      
Bangla Pathmala (Series of Text Books n Bengali Literature: Grade I to Grade V)
Text Book of Polytechnic Mathematics : Part I
Text Book of Polytechnic Mathematics : Part II: 
Magic Mental Mathematics (Grade I to Grade V) 

Sreebhumi Publishing Co., Kolkata (1993-1995)
Sribhumi Publishing Co., Kolkata (1990-1992)
Nirmal Book Agency, Kolkata (1999-2000)

Sribhumi Publishing Co., Kolkata (2004)
Sribhumi Publishing Co., Kolkata (2006)
Allied Publishers, Delhi (2010-2011)

Author of Children Books on Popular Science
(in Bengali)
Jangoler Janoar O Posha Pashu
Jana Ajanar Katha Kahini
Jnanankur (Class I & Class II)
Pranider Kahini
Sagar Jaler Ajab Jeeb

Sribhumi Publishing Co., Kolkata (1993)
Do  (1993)
Do (1999)
Do (2000)
Do (2003)
New Book Stall, Kolkata (2004)

Author of fiction for Children and Adult (in Bengali)

Majar Galpo                             

New Book Stall, Kolkata(1996)
Sribhumi Publishing Co., Kolkata (1993)
Pratibhas, Kolkata  (2003)
Author of book on social science in Bengali

Nari Prasanga

The Science Association of Bengal, Kolkata(2008)
Author of academic books on Popular Science
Atandra Chandra
Robert Charles Darwin & The Theory of Evolution
Madam Courie
Do (2009 )
The Science Association Of Bengal, Kolkata (2011)
The Science Association Of Bengal, Kolkata (2012)
Translator of Science Fiction Publishers

Azazel by Isaac Asimov (Translated to Bengali)
Earth is Room Enough by Isaac Asimov
(Translated to Bengali)
The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov
(Translated to Bengali)

Sandesh Publication, Bangladesh (2009)
Do (2010)


Project Co-coordinator in Educational Programme

At present acting as
Chief Editor," Bijyan Mela" Bengali Science Magazine of The Science Association of Bengal. The purpose is to spread Science Awareness among common people.

Director, International Service, Rotary Club Of Bidhannagar, District 3291 Member of Sachetana (Women's N.G.O.)

Awards & Recognition :

  • Received First Prizes in different Literary Competitions (Topics: short story, feature) in the year 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2011.
  • Received National Science Day Award, 2002 for notable contribution in the field of Science & Technology in the Society from Science Association of Bengal.