DSL Center: We provide organizations with high quality management development and training programs, and individuals with professional counseling on life skills.

For individuals, read more on counseling here.
For organizations, we are focused on organizational behavior (OB), Learning & development (L&D) and professional counseling on various life skills. 

Mission: Our mission is to provide high quality and well researched solutions to a whole range of problems that arise in modern stress-filled workplace situations, for young as well as senior professionals. All DSL programs have been very well received by both participants and CEOs alike - which has given us the confidence in our approach and methodology.


Anwesha: A journey into yourself 

(A one day workshop)

Stress today is a word which is more commonplace than comfort, happiness and stability. It is a small word, but its impact is far reaching. 

Stress and its allies (alcoholism, depression, aggression and ill healthmay spoil our lives in more ways than one. It may affect our health, career, relationships and adjustments with others. 

Presented by highly experienced (IIT Alumni) counsellor

In this workshop, an attempt will be made to understand the concept of stress contextually. A proper understanding of the Self (with reference to the philosophical theme of Advaita Vedanta) will be presented with music. 

This can be attended by all - for any stress related or joyful reasons.

Come, share our delight and learn to live the DSL way!

• Tickets available at : Oxford Book Store, 17, Park Street, Kolkata - 700 016
                                                                                     Phone - +9133 2229 7662

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Principal Anchor for Anwesha:
Dr. Chandrima Banerjee
Co-Anchor for Anwesha
Mr. Kinshuk Adhikary
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CAPSTOM: "Creating a Positive State of Mind". This workshop is aimed at making the participants understand and feel the importance of positive attitudes (2 days Duration)

MANSELF: Managing Self. It tries to answer the question in the minds of every manager "How to be the Best" (1 Day Duration)

TASK: Transactional Analysis Sense & Knowledge. The key to managing things around you. (1 Day Duration)

Tom & Jerry: Effective Team Playing & Leadership Skills. A workshop on the essential ingredients of a successful organisation. (2 days Duration)

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