1. How will the On Ground Training provided by CAPS benefit me?

    CAPS is committed to deliver the highest quality Accounts and Finance Training covering all major aspects of Accounting ,Taxation, Vat, Internal Audit ,Banking just to name a few. At CAPS we make sure that our students are groomed to survive in a highly professional and performance oriented atmosphere. Our On ground Training will provide aspiring professionals to possess the key knowledge and skills that they need, to perform their job.

  2. What accounting & financial concepts will I gain if I do the project work assigned to me by CAPS?

    The world of Accounts & Finance has grown vast with globalization. Today’s employers look for professionals who are not only well equipped with thorough subject matter but also conversant with practical application of Taxation, Auditing, Finalization of Accounts, Financial Reporting, Investment Banking, Equity & Debt Research, Fund Management, Corporate Laws, TDS assessments, various forms of ROC. The list is extensive.

    CAPS have exclusively customized the Project Work for its students so that they can keep up with the growing demands of the industry and its employers.

  3. How will I build a job winning resume or CV?

    CV writing is a form of marketing or advertising, when the product is you. Your CV must sell you to a prospective employer, and compete against other applicants who are also trying to sell themselves. So the challenge in CV writing is to be more appealing and attractive than the rest.

    CAPS will guide you to present your CV in a professional and clear way that would indicate you are an ideal candidate for the concerned job title. That is, you possess the right skills, behavior, attitude and morality that the employer is seeking.

  4. How will I equip myself to face interviews?

    The most commonly used tools for the selection process in every organization is the personal interview. An interview is a face to face conversation between two or more people. The purpose of interview is to gather the information regarding a candidate's academic qualification, family background, physical appearance, level of confidence and intelligence, aptitude and interests and so on.

    CAPS inculcates in its students the right attitude to face an interview which means an excellent personality, grounded subject knowledge, positive body language, enough information about the company and not to miss of course “an you with high self-esteem”.

  5. How will CAPS guide me with Corporate Dressing tips?

    It is often said that the first impression is the best impression. So, efforts must be taken to ensure that a positive long lasting impression is made the first time. Appearance and the way one carries oneself are the two things that are first noticed on entering a room. So, corporate dressing etiquette is to be given great importance.

    It is here that CAPS will teach you how to treat your business clothing as an investment and make wise choices accordingly. Remember the way you dress reflects how well you can speak of your brand value.

  6. Is there any need to do research work before successfully attending any interview?

    In order to succeed at a job interview, you will have to make a positive impression upon the interviewer. You can surpass your competitors by getting some information about the company which offers the job. It will be of great help to know such information, especially if the employer specifies that he will like to hire a person who will fully dedicate himself to attain the company’s welfare.

  7. How will I associate with Corporate Etiquette?

    The jump from college life to the corporate environment is a big one and it takes some time for the fresher’s to get used to it. The initial impression that the newcomers make on their first employer can have a long term effect in their careers. Hence, it is important that they present themselves in the right way from the very beginning.

    CAPS initiative is always to educate you as a fresher on work etiquette as a part of its induction programme to turn you out as an industry-ready product.

  8. How well-conversant will I become in Corporate English required to ace interviews?

    When it comes to training in Corporate English there are two important aspects:

    Written English Skills
    Spoken English Skills

    CAPS’ Communicative English meets specifically the written corporate training which includes writing emails, business proposals and presentations, notice, agenda and other varied written communication to develop business.

    Where Spoken English Skills are concerned, our modules include Active Listening Skills and Speaking Skills which include Voice, Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction & Pause and Flow.

  9. Can I submit a resume for a suitable opening in CAPS?

    You can submit your resume for any suitable job position in CAPS which you believe your experience and skill sets will meet up the requirements specified. We encourage you to submit a resume preferably with a cover letter for any position for which you wish to be called for an interview. Application of CV must be in the right format, that of Microsoft Word Format or PDF.

  10. What is the interview process like?

    Once you have sent your resume to us and survived the weeding out process, your resume will get passed along to the HR manager. Before a face to face interview, you might have to appear for a telephonic interview. Your first in-person interview will be with the Hr Manager, followed by a technical interview, usually with two or more technical people you will be working with. This may require more than one visit to the company’s office. A background check including references will be done for each final candidate.

  11. How long will it take before an interview is scheduled to discuss my skills that might match with the job profile?

    If our hiring managers find your qualifications match an available job position, you will be contacted within a reasonable length of time period for fixing up an appointment to schedule the interview .An email notification along with telephonic confirmation will complete the process.

  12. What competitive edge do I gain over other job seekers when I enroll with CAPS?

    Your college classes are only part of your education. Soft skills sessions at
    CAPS such as Communication, Professional Etiquette, Team Building and Critical Thinking - are just as important and can give you an advantage over others. A Professional Resume along with a Professional Cover Letter will strengthen your caliber in the Professional Race.

  13. How will I gain from IBPS training by CAPS?

    CAPS’ dedicated Faculty Wing provides expert guidance and supervision to its students through inter-active classroom coaching accompanied by enriched study materials. The institute organizes periodic Workshops, Seminars and Guest Lectures to improve behavioral skills, interview skills, strike rate in Objective Questionnaire and item writing skills in Subjective Questionnaire. The goal is to create a genre of successful individuals who are of the attitude,” GET-SET-GO”.

  14. What extra will come to me from MBA Entrance Exam Training by CAPS?

    The MBA entrance exams are not only seen as the
    gateway to the MBA admission procedures, but also seen as the repository of enhancing knowledge! There is no doubt that MBA can attract the best organization for the career options, best opportunities for growth options, moreover, a great respect in the workplace, compared to other candidates and many more opportunities…

    CAT/XAT/MAT/JMET/GMAT/BIMT/SNAP/NMAT /IRMA all have a different structure in their question pattern. There is no unique examination pattern for the MBA admissions in the country. Hence, all these different situations and constraints would definitely throw down the students/professionals into panicking situations.

    CAPS systematically help you to grasp the fundamentals of each category that are common in many entrance tests and thus make you aware to the concepts at the same time boosting up your energy.

    A combination of strategy, planning and implementation taught should help you crack and score well in all these tests.

  15. What key skills will I gain to be a Competent Accounts Professional?

    CAPS groom its students as a complete well rounded business professional. The comprehensive professional business and financial training that CAPS will provide you covers basic accounting fundamentals to advanced concepts in business strategy.

    Recruiters look for a very broad range of personal skills, not just academic ability. Having demonstrated your sharp mind, you’ll also need to show that you have the right character and outlook.. That means being very good with people (particularly clients), at ease with numbers and interested in the way organization’s financial matters impact on performance. As well as being quick-witted, imaginative, independent, confident and outgoing. Employers are looking for skills including teamwork, communication, presentation skills, decision making and problem solving.

    Commercial awareness is important too; being able to show that you have an understanding of the profession and factors such as the impact of economic issues and how they affect the organization you have applied to.

    Understanding the organizations, their clients and the market they are in will also demonstrate your awareness of the sector.
    Personal traits such as being confident, imaginative, independent and personable also help when looking to follow a career in accountancy.

    Being able to demonstrate where and when you have used such skills and traits in your applications and interviews shows the employer that you have the skills that they are looking for.