Air Cooled Transformer
Furnace Control
Magnet Control
PLC based solution
A.C. Drive Panels
D.C. Drive Panels
Bulk DC source
A.M.F. Panel
D.G. Synchronising
A.P.F.C. Panel
Power Distribution
Custom build panels
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  Reputed manufacturer of since 1990 in the field of Air-cooled Transformer,
Electrical Control panel, & custom build panels for industries & other related field.

For process control system automation for industries, we provide PLC based solution including SCADA.

Bulk DC source either normal full wave rectifier or Thyristorised for Rock steady out put voltage of any current rating.

Furnace control panels both normal  and thyristor control for fine control on temperature with respect to time which is very essential for process of  materials at various temperature inside the furnace.

Magnet Control panels including battery back up and under current limit panel for Electro Magnets for material or scarp handling in the industry.

A.C. Drive Panels for control of A.C. Motor

D.C. Drive Panels for D.C. Motor.

A.M.F. Panel & D.G. Synchronising Panel.

A.P.F.C. Panel for frequency control.

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