We are a team of Top Sexologists / Best Sexologists doctor in Kolkata (Calcutta) for male & female and we have helped more than thousands men and women of all ages lead a happy sexual life which they could never imagine.
Sexual problems are very common and a majority of people feel embarrassed while talking about it and seeking a solution for it, the result is a ruined relationship, divorce, loss of self confidence and self esteem and increased level of stress.
The unique creation of God and the most precious gift we have been bestowed upon is LIFE - a golden opportunity to live and enjoy to the full on this beautiful planet. But to some unfortunate people, this so called boon brings pain and suffering due to SEX PROBLEMS.
Ushering in a new direction to the woeful sexual diseases, keeping burning desire to get rid of this ailment successfully, we have been trying our level best to cure the effected people, and with this begins a new era as the disease is no longer looked upon as a curse or menace to human life.
We at Dr.roy's Clinic offer cure Best Sexologist for common sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of Libido (loss of sexual desire), Infertility, etc, through a right combination of counseling and Ayurvedic medication. and We also Treat Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Hydrocele, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Without Operation.

We wish to see all our patients and their families happy & satisfied. With this goal our organization is
dedicated towards the cure of all sexual problems and will not leave any stone unturned to bring back the
happiness & prosperity in each family. Seeking your Good Wishes Always.
1. You and your partner can start enjoying sex like never before! (All your doubts and frustrations will disappear and you will emerge as a new and fully confident person).
2. You will be able to transform your relationship into a deep lasting and a passionate one.
3. Treatment with Ayurvedic medicines which contain ingredients like swarn bhasm and silver bhasm.
4. You will not suffer any side effects usually associated with the use of certain medications for the treatment of sexual problems.
5. Treatment is fully confidential and guarantees your privacy..
6. Your treatment will not be generic (One Size Fits All), which means that we will customize your treatment according to your specific sexual problem, eliminating the root cause and provide you with a long lasting and safe solution.
7. Online consultation ensures that you can now access the treatment from anywhere in India or even the world.
8. Quick consultation turnaround time means that you can get your problem diagnosed and treated very fast and be on your way to enjoying great sex with your partner at the soonest.

Beware of the Medical practitioners who are using my Dr.roy's Clinic
Name and Practicing. You can be in a trap.
  Head Office : KHARDAH (WEST) Visiting Hours :
  Address : Dr.Roy's Clinic
1.No. Surya Sen Nagar
Near Railway Station KHARDAH
Opp. K.C.Choudhury Jewelers & Sons
Kolkata - 700117. West Bengal.
Morning 10:00A.M to 1:00P.M
Evening 5:30P.M to 9:00P.M

Sunday Closed
  Help Line : +91 - 98368 23636 / +91 - 89815 18696 / +9133 - 3201 9620

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