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Water Spray Tester for Grease 


Items Manufactured


1) Fuel Transformer Oils, Furnace Oils & Lubricating Oils Testing Apparatus

  • Flash Point Apparatus like Pensky Martens, Abel, Cleveland & Tag

  • Viscometers like Engler, Redwood, Saybolt, Kinematic Viscometer Bath & Glass U Tube Viscometers, Zahn Viscometer & Falling Ball Viscometer

  • Carbon Residue Ramsbottom & Conradson

  • Cloud & Pour Point, Smoke Point, Copper Strip Corrosion, Aniline Point, R. V. P. Apparatus

  • Oxidation Test, Bomb Calorimeter, Junkers Gas Calorimeter

  • Rust Preventive Apparatus, Centrifuge, Interfacial Tensiometer

  • Miscellaneous other items as per IS, ASTM & IP Specifications

2) Grease & Wax Testing Apparatus

  • Drop Point, Standard Penetrometer, Grease Worker, Grease Cutter

  • Apparatus for Leakage Tendency, Rolling Stability, Rust Test, Deleterious Particles, Water Washout Characteristics, Water Spray Tester

  • Apparatus for Oxidation Stability of Grease, Evaporation loss of Grease

  • Oil Content of Wax, Melting Point of Wax

  • Miscellaneous other items as per IS, ASTM & IP Specifications

3) Tar & Bitumen Testing Apparatus

  • Tar Viscometers, Ring & Ball, Standard Penetrometer with accessories

  • Different types of Distillation, Bitumen Extractor, Pressure Head Test

  • Ductility Test Apparatus, Loss on Heating Test, Breaking Strength Apparatus

  • Miscellaneous other items as per IS, ASTM & IP Specifications

4) Paint Testing Instruments

  • Scratch Hardness Tester Ordinary & Mechanical

  • Adhesion & Flexibility Tester, Weight per Litre Cup, Ford Cup, Glossmeter, Hegman Gauge

  • Salt Spray Cabinet with Compressor, Paint Corrosion Cabinet

  • Paint Testing Centrifuge, Chequer Board

  • Stormer Viscometer, Gardner Bubble Viscometer

5) Miscellaneous items like Soil Testing Penetrometer, Melt Flow Index for Polythene Compounds, Vicat Needle and other testing instruments on leather, cement etc.


Our Consumers

  • All Refineries of India

  • Railway Laboratories, RITES, RDSO

  • Defence Laboratories

  • Grease Factories all over India

  • Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics

  • All Petro Chemical Industries & Oil Reclamation Plants

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