Filteration of compressed air removes water, oil, dirt  and other contaminants, protecting air-driven  equipments and instruments.

Airchamp Turbo-flow Filters are exceptionally efficient  in removing impurities with minimum pressure drop. Based on baffle system of first moisture & impurities  separation and then secondly filtering through the pure  sintered bronze element. Available in three pipe sizes  of 1/4 - 3/8 - 1/2 BSP Maximum pressure 250 psig.  Maximum temp. 50°C. Polycarbonate transparent bowl  of 230 ml. capacity with easy operating manual drain  cock. Available with Mettalic Bowl Guard also. Filter is standardly supplied with 25 micron element,5 micron or 50 micron available on order. Body  pressure die cast zinc alloy / LM6. Parts acetal. Seal  gaskets buna / viton.

Study the note on Polycarbonate Bowl and  Bowl Guard on the back page.

For instrument air or other critical  applications, we recommend the use of AIRCHAMP COALESCING FILTERS for 99.9% removal of oil, water and dirt. Air-driven  equipment operates efficiently and economically at specified controlled pressures.

Airchamp high capacity, ruggedly designed Regulators for continuous service are essential to adjust and conserve compressed air accurately and precisely. Variation in supply pressure or air flow has no significant effect on regulated pressure. Available in three pipe sizes of 1/4 - 3/8 - 1/2 BSP. Maximum supply pressure 400 psig. Regulator is standardly supplied with reduced pressure range of 0-150 psig.
Ranges of 0-60, 0-100 & 0-250 psig available on order. For the best performance choose the nearest reduced pressure range. Maximum temperature 75°C. Body pressure die cast zinc alloy. Spring cage pressure die cast LM6. Renewable seat and Valve assembly brass. Screws, Valve spring and Strainer S. S. Regulating spring powder coated. Diaphragm, Disc and Seal gaskets buna / viton. Two full flow pressure gauge ports of 1/4 BSP, one sealed with brass plug.



To minimize wear tear-and rusting of pneumatic valves, cylinders, components and tools, it is essential to keep them properly lubricated for best performance and long service life. Lubricators conveniently inject the oil directly into the air pipe lines, as carefully metered fine mist / fog, thus automatically lubricating all parts of air-operated equipment.

Airchamp Lubricators provide exceptionally high performance over a very wide flow range, without excessive pressure drop. The oil is easily set to the desired feed rate with the adjusting knob and once the rate is set, the lubricator automatically adjusts the drip rate proportional to variations in air flow. The oil drop rate is clearly visible in  the sight feed dome. Fine S. S. mesh is provided at the suction end to protect the oil from dirt and particles. One oil filling port and one vent valve button is provided on the body of the lubricator to depressurise the bowl for filling oil without shutting off the air supply. Available in three pipe sizes of 1/4 - 3/8 - 1/2 BSP. Maximum pressure 250 psig. Maximum temperature 50°C. Polycarbonate transparent bowl of 230 ml. capacity. Available With  Metallic Bowl Guard also. Body pressure die cast zinc alloy / LM6. Parts acetal. Suction tube brass. Seal gaskets buna / viton.Where cost and space is critical but the height permits, the integral filter/regulator offers the economy of space and cost.

Airchamp Integral Filter/Regulator provides the same basic features and high efficiency, high quality performance as of separate filter and regulator but in an economical and space saving integral package. In addition, the integral unit can also be joined with the standard lubricator to form a space saving and economically priced combination unit. Either as an integral F/R or as a F/R + L combination unit, it is most suitable for OEM applications. Available in four pipe sizes of 1/4 - 3/8 - 1/2 - 3/4 BSP. Maximum pressure 250 psig. Maximum temperature 50°C. Polycarbonate transparent screwed bowl of 230 ml. capacity with easy operating manual drain cock. Filter elements, same as per standard filter. Reduced pressure ranges, pressure gauge ports and mounting bracket same as per standard regulator.
Body aluminium. Spring cage pressure die cast LM6. Diaphragm and seal gaskets buna / viton.

Study the note on Polycarbonate Bowl on ~ the back page.

50 mm dial back connection Pressure Gauge available on order.


It  is  ADVISABl.E  to use the filter or lubricator with METALLIC BOWL GUARD for enhanced . SAFETY requirements to avoid personal injury and / or property damage.

Polycarbonate bowl SHOULD NOT be exposed to synthetic lubricants, alcohols, glycols, liquified . petroleum gases or harmful chemicals or their fumes as they can possibly cause the polycarbonate bowl to burst. Use only non-detergent mineral base oils. Clean the bowl with soap water only. DO NOT use solvents, thinners, acetone or carbon tetra-chloride etc.

One pair of Mounting Brackets are supplied free with all the combination units.

It is RECOMMENDED to install the filter or lubricator or FRL unit as near as possible to the point of use.

Our products are Fully Guaranteed, as they are carefully planned, inspected and tested for quality at every stage of manufacturing. However, our obligation under this warranty is limited to repai r or replacement of the defective product.

All the parts are available, ask for the list of spares.

We have a policy of continual product development and therefore reserve the right to modify products/parts shown in this catalogue, without any notice. 

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