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High Efficiency-Bolting.

When Bolting Speed is Imperative, Simplicity in Use, Light Weight, Small Size and built-in Durability become a Must!  

MULT-HY's field-proven mechanism has been. perfected over the years. The best alloys available, I combined with safety oriented engineering and. precision machining, make the SQV-Wrench the one others are compared to in Safety, Simplicity, Accuracy and Quality.    

MULT-HY SQV's high sales success allows for CNC mass production and the economical price that goes along with it. It's a tool that will be wanted on every job-site!



It Fits!
A Wrench for all Areas!

MULT-HY's LC Wrench was designed for the most inaccessible Bolting Areas found in industry. Its long neck, short height and small radius have all added to its great sales success.

MULT-HY LC's exchangeable All Purpose LC Hex Links are quick connected to the Hydraulic Motor Housina and permit in-field, tool free exchange of link sizes.

Its rear fitting permits holding the tool in position by means of the 4:1 safety rated twin-line hoses. Even hex inserts are available where clearances permit.

MULT-HY LC, - A true industrial User1s tool!






Heavy Duty Back-up Wrench

The Simple, Economical Back-Up Wrench

Designed to fit in the most confined areas, with minimum over-head and side clearance requirements, MULT-HY's Back-Up Wrench is simple to apply and easy to take off.

This field-proven tool is successfully used throughout the World of Power Generation, Refining, Chemical, Mining, Pipeline, Construction, Railroad, Paper Mills, Steel Mills, Drilling and Off Road.

Available in sizes from 1" to 6 1/8"

Heavy Duty Torque / Impact Sockets

Quality Sockets for a Quality Job!  

With one of the largest inventory in Stock, MULT-HY gets you out of any jam!   Our high-quality sockets are Engineered out of special Alloys I to withstand highest Torque as well as consistent Impact.

Try MULT-HYon your next Job!
Available from stock, 1/2"- 3 1/2" drive in standard and metric sizes - either Hex, 12point, castellated, off-set, open and stacking; up to 10 5/8" or 250mm.  
To enhance the performance of your MULTY-HY Tool, request to see our most innovative accessory!


High-Speed, Light-Weight, Cycle-Proof Power Packs
Your single Source for all Hydraulic Pumps:


The World's First, Two-Stage Trigger-Release Manual Pump

This light-weight portable pump operates all single line, 1000 psi Hydraulic Tools. Complete with gauge, connectors and 5' hose, it's the ideal pump for use in remote areas.


The Reliable, Foot-Pedal Operated Air Pump!

Light-weight and tools. This pressure-adjustable pump is supplied with gauge, oil and 15' hose ready to use with your single hose tool.


The Lightest, Heavy-duty, Electric 2-Stage Power Pack!

Incredibly fast, yet below 30 lbs. Weight with oil, this remote controlled, 10,000 psi Pump is the one other are judged by. Its small size make it ideal for tight areas where the job has to be done fast!


The Work Horse of MULTI-HY Pumps for continuous use!

These air or electric driven Hydraulic Pumps are engineered for continuous, non-stop use in harsh environments. If used on Torque Tools, Jacks, Cutters, Presses or Bending equipment, their reliability is unmatched by any other Hydraulic Power Pack.   Up to 4 tools can be operated simultaneously due to the hogh flow of these light-weight pumps. These fully remote-controlled Units come ready-to-use.

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