Riveters: riveter is used in shipyards boiler works and constructional engineers, because of its power, smooth operation and case of control. It is offered in a range of sizes and types to meet almost any riveting requirements from 3/8” to 1 ¼ capacities. 

The variety of Holders-on (Dolly Machine) and Rivet Cutters are also available.

Chipper: PTE provides for a big range of special purpose tools, specially designed for chipping, caulking, sealing, scraping and stonework
Rammer: PTE Rammer is an indispensable tool in foundries. The tool offers easy to handle slim casing giving access and clearance in moulds, high impact blows for faster sand distribution and compaction.
Drills: PTE caters for every class of drilling operation ranging from capacities of 3/16” up to 3”. A big choice of speeds is provided in both non-reversible and reversible models to cover every requirement of reaming, tapping and tube expanding.

Impact Wrenches: Probably no others portable tools has such a variety of applications in all fields of industry as the pneumatic impact wrench, Although it is basically a nut – setting tool it is also used with great success for tapping, spudsetting and screw driving. PTE offers first selection of Impact Wrenches available today. It can be found in general purpose industrial use, maintenance and application in industries, automated service stations of automobiles, etc.
Grinder: PTE grinders are powerful, lightweight and high quality tools for use rotary files, mounted or abrasive wheels and disc. They are designed for wide range of heavy metal removal such as deburring, cleaning of castings, or general die work.


Rock Drill & Hand Drill:
All Rock Drills are available as wet or dry machines and in the various range of tools suitable for general excavation, blast-hole drilling, shaft sinking, tunneling quarry work, road work, Construction and maintenance applications such as driving or setting machinery anchors and drilling holes in concrete, bricks or rock.

Demolition Tools:
PTE Demolition tools are ideally suited to deliver the power for demolition of foundation walls of concrete and bricks, cutting and breaking pavements, trenching, temping, pile driving, removing slag from ladder and furnaces and many other applications.

Sump Pump: Portable Pneumatic Sump pump have proved themselves highly efficient and reliable for pumping surplus water from Manholes, ditches, tanks, pits and trenches. 

These pumps work efficiently whether partially or totally submerged.


Concrete Vibrator :
The need for vibrating equipment on concrete work is well catered by the PTE range of pneumatic machines. Since it has the advantage of safety, ruggedness and high frequency over electric motor or petrol engine driven vibrators. It is recommended for walls and columns and for heavy floor and roof slabs. 

Tamper :
Pn. Tampers are used for compacting and refilling operations-in trenches, around foundations, bridge abutments, etc.
Pneumatic Fittings & Accessories

PTE provides high class Air Line Accessories which gives maximum efficiency in your compressed air installation.


Universal Claw Coupling


PTE Couplings are hardened Steel are suitable for factories, mines, shipyards, road construction and development projects where houses and couplings are subject to heavy strain.

Snap on couplings
(Claw couplings with hose nipple) Uniform size of Claws permits mating of different sizes of claw coupling
Male couplings
(Claw couplings with male thread) Can be mated with any size of claw coupling. Short length and large bore
Female couplings
(Claw couplings with female thread) Capable of being mated with any size of claw coupling. Short length and large bore.
Coupling Washers
Made of oil and temperature resistant rubber. One packing is required for each coupling.

Hose Nipples

PTE nipples are made of hardened steel to  withstand rough handling. Its reduced wall thickness gives a  large flow area of air resulting least possible pressure drop.

Hose Jointing nipples
Made of steel with a maximum of bore are. Dimension from 1" and downwards have one locking edge at each end, larger dimension have two locking edges at each end for use with double hose clamps.
Hose Clamps
PTE Hose Clamps are made of malleable  cast iron to grip hose effectively. They are made to fit the Hose couplings and Hose nipples properly. The claps offer minimum resistance when the hose is being dragged along the ground.
Hose clamps
made of malleable cast iron. Shaped to provide a good joint and tightened by a standard hexagon screw and nut.
Air Line Lubricator 
PTE Air Line Lubricator is designed to provide adequate lubrication to compressed air tools while they are in operation. It is intended for use with all types of compressed air tools used in the construction, mining and manufacturing industries
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