Amar Ghosh was born on 4th April 1928 at Puri (Orissa) originally from Hooghly - West Bengal. 

He founded "Udayachol" - a group theatre in 1942 continued as the Founder, Gen Secy & Director till 1970, retired as reader (Drama Dept.), Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.

He acted as chief Editor - 

  • Jagrihi (Monthly) 1948
  • hitrita Saptahik (Weekly) 1948 - 50
  • Amader Kagoz (Monthly) 1950-52
  • Produced / Directed film on an story 'ALO HASI GAAN ( 1972 )' - Released at Globe Cinema.

Renovated Bengali Folk Play (Jatra) with the lunching of "Hitler" under the banner of Tarun Opera, as director in 1968, along with more than 40 other plays in succession till 1994 under banners of many other teams.

Introduced (for the first time in the country) Projection Booth Type Control System for controlling Light and Sound in Theatre House, firstly at "Theatre Centre" Calcutta in 1960 and operated for 3 years.

Built and established "Circarena Theatre" - The Pioneer non-proscenium Commercial Play house, with its revolving Arena Platform placed on an elevator (Estd 1975). Presently the only Professional Theatre running in the city, being declared as the only example of its kind in the world still now, by Jean G. Lekyan, the world famous French Theatre Architect, while visiting Kolkata in Nov, 2006.

In the role of  Loke Nath Bramhachari at Circarena
  2003 - 2004
Receiving SOVIET LAND NEHRU AWARD in the year 1971, as Director of Folk Play LENIN from the hand of KARAN SINGH Directing Anil Chatterjee for the production                         "Hamlet" at Circarena 1984
Directing Shanti Gopal for production "Ulka" at Circarena 1998

In the role of Film Director Harihar with Savitri Chatterjee in Kacher Putul at Circarena in 1986

Constructed, Renovated and furnished / Equipped - [as consulting Architect]

  • "Premchand Shatavarsiki Bhawan" at Bhatpara.
  • Tarun Smriti Mancho at Birati
  • "Aban Mancha" and "Ahindra Workshop" at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
  • "Osmania University Theatre" at Hyderabad
  • "Bijon Theatre" at North Kolkata
  • "Ram Mohan Mancha" at APC Road, Kolkata etc.
  • Bholagini Kalamandir at Khurat, Howrah etc.

Notable Publications - 

  • Pot Deep Dhwani (Pioneer Work in Bengali on Stage Set, light & sound - Published by Rabindrabharati University)
  • Antaral Rangamoy (Vol I :Set, Vol II : Lighting) etc.
  • Ek Mutho Kabita (Collection of own poems and songs)
  • Amrita Jeevan Santadas (Full length play)

Note : More than100 Full Length & One Act Plays (Still unpublished), Presented on Public Stages for nights

Noteworthy : Still taking part in key-roles on board Circarena, in 4 to 6 shows every week.

Award Received as Best Director - 

Cine Advance Award, Disharee Award, Theatre Centre Award, Uttam Kumar Award, Ritwik Ghatak Award, Pramatesh Barua Award, W.B. Chalachitra Parishad award, W.B. State Sangeet Natak Academy Award, Art Forum Award, Soviet Land Nehru Award, Natya Swapnakalpa Award 2006 etc.
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