We have the Pleasure to introduce Ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of PVC Power & Control Cables since 1976 and commercial production had started in the year of 1978.

The Units production are PVC Power & Control Cable in Respect of IS: 1554-Part-1, AAC, ACSR., AAAC & ACAR in Respect of IS: 398 (Part- 1, 2, 4 & 3) have been tested for its superior performance by renowned testing laboratory like N.T.H. & BIS. We have already started LTXLPE Cable also in respect of IS: 7098 (Part-l) and Aerial Bunched Cable as per IS: 14255 with XLPE Coating. We are also manufacturing PVC Wires & Cables with CU/AL as per IS: 694 with ISI Mark.

The Unit have been continuously executing orders for L.T. PVC Power & Control Cables, ACSR & AAC Conductor XLPE insulated A. B. Cabling Power & Control Cable to West Bengal State Electricity Board, Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd, Bokaro Steel Plant, Santaldahi Thermal Power Station (Under WBPDCL), Andaman State Electricity Administration, Arunachal Electricity Department, Mizoram State Electricity Department, IVRCL, Hill-View Construction Co. & JV (West Bengal) & other local market.

Power Cable Industries has been manufacture and supply of PVC Cables, Railway Signaling Cables, AAC, AAAC, ACSR, Galvanized standard steel wire, SSDW for DOT and XLPE Cables.

Quality Control

Cable Types
follows the following specifications and quality control.
Cable Types Manufacturing Range Relevant Specification
PVC Power Cables 1.5 - 300 Sq. mm. CONF. IS : 1554 (PART - 1) with latest amendment
PVC Control Cables Upto 61 Core - 300 Sq. mm CONF. IS : 155 Pt I
PVC Flexible Cables Upto Multi Core - 24c X 120 Sq. mm. CONF. IS : 694
PVC House Wiring Cables 1/18, 3/20, 7/20 AS PER BS: 2004
Telephone Cables Flexible and Armoured CONF. ITD : 113 - B, 114 - B, 113 - C, 129 -C
Submersible Cables Upto 3c x 50 Sq. mm CONF. IS 694
Coaxial Cables RG & UR Series CONF. BS : 2316 , ASTM, MIL -
C - 17
Twin Flat Cables Upto 3c - 10 Sq. mm CONF. IS 694
Weather Proof Cables As per Customer's requirement CONF. IS 694
Railway Signaling
Screened & Unscreened Cables 1.1 KV
Upto 61 Cores of 1.5 Sq. mm. 2.5 Sq. mm IRS : 35
IRS : 63
Heat Resisting PVC Cable
with Al- and Copper Conductor 1.1 KV
Single & Multi Core upto 1000 Sq. mm.
Multicore upto 500 Sq. mm.
1S : 1554 (PART - 1) with latest amendment
FRLS PVC Cables 1.1 KV Single Core upto 1000 Sq. mm.
Multicore upto 500 Sq. mm.
Conforming 1S : 1554 (PART - 1)
Light Duty PVC Cables 1.1 KV Single Core upto 630 Sq. mm. 2, 3 and 4 Cores upto 50 Sq. mm., Flexible unsheathed upto 50 Sq. mm. And flexible PVC Insulated and Sheathed Cables upto 50 Sq. mm. Conforming IS : 694
1.1 KV XLPE Insulated Power and Contsed Cable ANY SIZE Conforming IS : 7098 (P-1)
1.1 KV XLPE Insulated Aerial Branched Cable ANY SIZE Conforming IS : 14255
Conductors - The Conductors are made from Aluminium of H2 or H4 grade or with high conductivity copper as per IS : 8130 - 1984. The construction of the conductor are as under : 
Nominal Cross Sectional Area Construction
Copper mm 2 Aluminium mm2
1.5 1.5 Solid
2.5 to 6 2.5 to 10 Solid / Stranded
10 and Above 16 and Above Stranded
Core Identification - Cores are identified by the colour scheme of PVC insulation.
No. of Cores Colors of Cores
1. Red, Black, Yellow or Blue.
2. Red and Black
3. Red, Blue and Blue.
3.5 or 4. Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. ( Reduce neutral core in 3.5 core cable is Black )
5. Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey and Black.
6. and Above

Two Adjacent cores (counting core and direction core) in each layer are colored Blue & Yellow respectively and remaining cores are Grey.

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