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We take extreme pleasure in introducing our modern testing laboratory to your esteemed organisation for conducting Destructive, Non-Destructive, Metallographic and Chemical Tests and Analysis of Metals, Alloys, Forgings, Castings, Weldings, etc. following various Codes, Practices & specification of National and International Standards. For your kind information and examination, we are already equipped with the following in-house facilities and under rapid expansion for further facilities.
Chemical Analysis
Testing Labs
Dynamic Balancing
  Specification :


  • Universal Testing Machine of 60 KN capacity having 4 ranges and duly calibrated by us under the witness of reputed houses of Inspection like Lloyds, Defence, IRS, TRF, NTPC, JESSOP, GRSE, etc.

    • With this machine we conduct the following Mechanical Tests:
      a) Tensile Test,
      b) Bend Test,
      C) Compression Test,
      d) Transverse Bend Test,
      e) Flattening Test of Pipe & Tubes,
      f) Expanding test of pipe & tubes,
      g) Any other test requiring pull & push.

  • Rockwell-cum-Brinell Hardness Testing Machine for determination of hardness of metals & alloys in rockwell values (C-Scale, B-Scale, N-Scale) and in Brinell values (BHN).

  • Dynamic Balancing Machine:
    Max. Capacity: 1000 mm dia x 1400 mm long x 300 kg.wt.
    RPM: 500 Min. & 10,000 Mx as per ISO: 1940/1-1986 (E).

 Other Specification:


  1. Ultrasonic Testing Machine:
    Make: EEC (Model: EX-10),
    Range: 2 Meter (Max.),
    Dead Zone: 5 mm,
    Type : Portable (Battery Operated).
  2. Dye Penetrant Test Kit: We use Aerosol packs for cleaner, dye & developer.
Our full fledge Chemical Laboratory is capable of determining the composition of metals & alloys both the qualitative and quantitive manner. We use conventional methods for analysis as per IS Standards.
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