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Multiple Fabric Co. Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1968. Multiple Fabric started business with Hair Belting used for Transmission of power. These belts were mainly exported to Cairo (Egypt) and Colombo (Sri Lanka).

In the year 1972 Multiple Fabric developed PVC coated impregnated fire resistant belting for use in underground coal mines with its own technical expertise. Multiple Fabric was the only small unit manufacturing & supplying this product to coal mines. Simultaneously Multiple Fabric was approached by some Original Equipment Manufacturers, manufacturing cement plants in India, requesting Multiple Fabric to develop for them the airslide fabric which were required for replacement in their cement plants supplied to various manufacturers of cement.

Firstly Multiple Fabric developed airslide fabrics in cotton composition for the cement factories. Since the life of cotton fabric was short and the temperature resistivity and the tensile strength were low, hence Multiple Fabric developed the airslide fabrics with polyester composition both with multifilament yarn and spun polyester yarn for better life, higher temperature and tensile strength resistance.

Today Multiple Fabrics is the largest supplier to the OEM's for their airslide fabrics in polyester composition.

Multiple Fabric is one of the leading manufacturer of polyester fabric to cement Industries and OEM Co.

Multiple Fabric also caters to the tea and biscuit industries with its cotton conveyer belting and PVC coated cotton conveyer belting.

Multiple Fabric has a team of technical experts to design and manufacture solid woven belting in India catering to any type of application.

Air Slide Belting
This is a fabric, specially woven out of 100% Cotton or synthetic materials such as 100% Polyester yarns. The airslide fabric is used in Air Slides sometimes referred to as FLUXO CHANNELS, FLUIDOR-ARMS or AERATION PADS, for pneumatic conveying of Cement and Raw Meals.
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Specialized Belting
Range of Specialised belts for various applications.
Impression Fabrics, Bakery Belts, Industrial PVC Belts, etc.
Range of specialized belts for various application are being designed by Multiple
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Miscellaneous Belting
Solid Woven 100% Cotton Belts manufactured from Superior Quality Cotton yarns.
Used in conveying Tea, Biscuits, packaged Foods, etc.
These belts are available in thickness of 3 mm with two ply construction , 4.5 mm thick
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Other Products
Manufactured from 100% Cotton carcas and coated with white hygienic food quality PVC compound. Also available with Polyester carcas and coated with white hygienic food quality PVC compound, used for conveying Biscuits, chocolates, wet tea leaf, frozen foods, etc.
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