HAIT INDUSTRIES, an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company is known for workmanship and reliability. The company has the specialization in manufacturing components and assemblies of mechanical , automobile and electrical equipments, Moulds & Dies for rubber components since 1973, and a leading suppliers to mechanical automobile & polymer Industries.
Precission Engineering Components
Machine Washers
Special Washers
Lock Rings
Taper Rings
Disconnecting Rings
Knurled Rings
Liver Bush
Taper Pins
Cap for Pressure Adjusting Screw & Nut
Spring Cap Nut
Valve Spindle
Cap Nut
Nozzle Body
Nozzle Spring Coller
Seat, VLVE Seat
Safety Livers & Pins
Fulcurm Bracket
Sheet Metal and Fabrication Items
Moulds & Dies for Rubber Components
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