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  The flabby abdomen and the excess fat can be removed by Abdominoplasty Surgery. The surgery will help you to get a flat and fit abdomen. The surgery not only flattens the abdomen it also tightens the muscles of the abdomen wall.  
  Liposuction is the surgery that reduces the excess fat from different body parts. The liposuction will make your de-shaped body in shape. The latest technology can remove the excess fat from your body part  
  Mamoplasty or mamaplasty can refer to the surgical procedure to insert cheek implants or augmentation mamaplasty, an enlarging of the breasts via implants.  
  The technique of surgical hair transplantation can restore lost hair and replace or reshape your hairline with your own natural, growing, permanent hair.Hair transplant is a very safe, relatively minor surgical procedure.  

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Plastic Surgery is derived from greek word " plastikos " which means " to mould ".

Plastic surgery helps to mould any disfigured part of the body. Any physical disfigurement, whether from birth or acquired later, leaves behind a mental and emotional scar too. Till a few years back, this curse of ugliness was considered an unavoidable life-long stigma. But in today's modern era, unattractiveness cannot be accepted as a curse and aged look is no longer considered as a sign of wisdom.

Aesthetic surgery, a surgical science to beautify one's appearance (popularly known as Cosmetic Surgery), has developed to a stage where it can now dare to give finishing touches to god's most beautiful creation-the human body. But unfortunately most of us remain ignorant to what wonders the art of cosmetic surgery can do.