Flush Door >>

Features >>

  • Battens made exclusively from selected single species of hardwood timber
  • Battens machined and planed to the required thickness, preservative treated and season kiln dried
  • Battens individually treated with insect toxicants for long lasting protection
  • Available in both commercial and decorative grades
  • Commercial face veneer thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Decorative face veneer thickness: 0.5mm
  • Bonded with boiling-water proof synthetic Phenol Formaldehyde adhesive
  • Adhesive specially tinged with toxicants and antidotes
  • Internal and external lipping can be provided at extra cost
  • Available in double leaf
  • Rebate cutting for double leaf doors available at extra cost
  • Special construction and opening for vision available at extra cost
  • Also available in non-standard sizes and thickness

Usage >>

  • Door shutters in homes and offices

Precautions >>

  • Handle with care to avoid damage and scratches
  • Stored in a dry, clean and covered place with a raised and level surface
  • Install only after finishing all construction works
  • Clean surface before polishing and painting
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