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BWR / MR Plywood

Made from high quality veneers of uniform thickness & bonded with phenol / urea formaldehyde resin with addition of chemicals as per IS : 848. Suitable for furniture, wall paneling, cupboards, partitions, shelves, Ceilings etc.

Manufactured with veneers of uniform thickness of high density farm timber dried on mechanical drier, stress relieves, bonded with the best quality phenol / urea formaldehyde as per IS:848 and than treated with chemical in a dipping tank as per IS:401 : 1982 make it termite and wood.boring insects resistant. Suitable for home, offices, industry, Kitchen, paneling, bus and truck bodies, railway coaches etc.

Property Unit Requirement of IS 303 (BWR/MR) Test Result
Shear Strength in Wet State

Average Min

N/mm2 1350/1000 1600/1350
Indivisual Min N/mm2 1100/800 1300/100
Shear Strength in Wet State
Average Min N/mm2 1000/800 1300/1000
Indivisual Min N/mm2 800/650 100/900
Shear Strength in Mycological Test
Average Min N/mm2 1000/800 1300/1000
Indivisual Min N/mm2 800/650 1100/900
Moisture Content % 5-15 6-10
BWR / MR Block Plywood

Manufactured from durable species of timber duly kiln seasoned, sand witched between drier dried quality veneers and bonded as per IS : 848 with imported Gurjan / Keruing face. The final Product is treated chemically by dipping process to make it resistant to termite, borer and other wood destroying organism. Suitable for paneling, partitions, furniture, cupboards, kitchen shelves, cabinets, racks etc.

Made from Kiln seasoned, durable species of timber & bonded with quality Phenol formaldehyde resin as per ISI specification. They are structurally strong, custom finished as per consumers requirements. Suitable for Houses, Offices, Industries, furniture etc.

Property Requirement of IS 1659 (BWR/MR) Test Result
Moisture Content 5-15 8-10%
Changes caused by humidity Less than 1mm Less than 0.6mm
Adhesive of ply Good Excellent
Water resistance 8 Hours at 60oC / 24 Hrs at 100oC More than 12 Hrs. at 60oC / More than 72 Hrs. at 100oC
Mycological Test One cycle of 21 days Can undergo 3 cycles of 21 days each without any edge superation.
MOR 40N / mm2 / 50N / mm2 More than 45N / mm2 / More than 55N / mm2
MOE 4000 / 5500 (N/mm2) 4500 / 5500 (N/mm2)
Film Faced Shuttering Plywood
  • Smooth silky mirror like finish.
  • Phenol coating helps maintain shape and prevents swelling.
  • Can withstand and maintain shape when concrete is poured into it.
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant.
  • Available in the attractive Brick-Red colour only.
Flexi Plywood

Our Flexible Plywood is one more special product from our house. Our Flexible Ply is a suitable crofted product to render flexibility for curves, rounds and corners, igniting any designer's imagination. Normally, for pillars and corners, people use 4mm normal plywood that do not give the perfect round look and it is not long lasting because of the wrong application.

The Corner ply fits exactly into the requirement which is available in thickness 4mm to 18mm. The flexibility of Corner ply is like a rubber.

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