2,4-D Acid 98% Technical >>

Chemical And Physical Characteristics

Common Name 2,4 - 0 Acid

Chemical Name 2,4 - Dichloro Phenoxy Acetic Acid

Molecular Formula C8H6C12

Molecular Weight 221

Acid Content (calculated as 2,4-D) 97% Min.

Physical Appearance White to brown crystals, granules, flakes, powder or lumps with slight phenolic odour.

Melting Point 136°c to 140°c

Loss on Drying (at 105°C) 0. 5% Max

Free Phenol as 2,4 ~ D Dichloro Phenol 0.3% Max.

Material insoluble inTriethanoi Amine 0.1% Max.

Sulphated Ash 0.5% Max.

Uses 2,4-D Acid is used for the manufacture of 2,4-D based salts and esters
Packing : 25 Kg. HDPE Woven Bag

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