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KEM-AMIN, 2,4-Dimethyl Amine Salt is a selective systematic post emergent herbicide. It is in liquid state and does not require long time for stirring.KEM-AMIN is fully soluble in all proportions and therefoe is well adopted to low gallonage spray equipment, even at high rates of application.

KEM-AMIN is almost Non-Polar 2,4-D formulation which results in rapid penetration. Any 2,4-D when applied to the foliage, penetrates the cuticle by diffusion. Since cuticle surface is lipoidal (non-polar) in nature and mineral salts of phenoxy acid are polar, they do not match each other leading to stow penetration. KEM-AMIN being non-polarpenetrates the cuticle without any assistance from non-herbictdal compounds. Hence there is rare chances of photodecomposition in the plant surface.

KEM-AMIN is a safe herbicide in connection with accumulation in soil and phytotoxicity. Being highly soluble in water it leaches more faster than the mineral saltsof 2,4-D and is then absorbed by the soil organic matter or clay colloids. The absorbed KEM-AMIN is then inactivated by Arthobacterium and Pseudomonas present in the soil. The maximum persistency in soil is one month.

KEM-AMIN being fully soluble in water is compatible with Glyphostate, Dalapon, Simazine, Paraquat, Diuron for total control of a mixed weed population.


Common Name 2,4-D Amine Salt

Chemical Name 2,4-Dimethyl Amine Salt

Brand Name KEM-AMIN

Molecular Formula

Molecular Weight 266

Extractabte and exposed as 2,4 ~ D present by mass

720 g/l, 600 g/l, 480 g/l
Equivalent Weight of the extracted acid 218 to 226

Melting Point of the extracted acid 136°C to 142°C

pH 7 to 9

Uses 'KEM-AMIN i.e., 2,4-0 Amine Satt 58% SL is a selective,
systematic, postemergent herbicides used mainly for
control of broad leaved weeds in cereals, tea, wheat, rice,
maize, millets etc.
Packing :
5 ltrs. & 20 ltrs. polyjars
200 ltrs. HDPE Drums

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