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Feedback from Oohara Kazue of Japan :
“I liked Muktamala’s Yoga classes very much. Good for fitness and flexibility! I would like to do a longer course when I come to India next time along with a friend. “

Feedback from Kay Walker of London , England :
“ The teacher training course was a very enlightening and instructive experience. I have seen the impact of Yoga on individual’s health. I have been trained to diagnose people’s ailments and prescribe Yoga postures accordingly. The course gives great insight into medicinal yoga and of course offers the opportunity of seeing India and particularly Kolkata and its many attractions! I have greatly enjoyed my time here.”

Feedback from Mark Lipsch of USA :
"Muktamala is wonderful as a teacher – understands that I am new and keeps correcting the posture. After doing yoga you feel fresh and energetic."

Feedback from Elizabeth McGhee of New Orleans , LA , USA :
‘..... I’ve learned new techniques , both breathing techniques and in poses , that I would not have been able to learn in the U.S. Hopefully one day I will be able to return to Kolkata and practice again with one of my favourite yogis – Muktamala !’

Feedback from Bruce Mencias of Seattle , WA , USA :
‘....since taking Muktamala’s classes my flexibility & comfort have improved dramatically! Her expertise combined with her spunky personality makes her classes very enjoyable.


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