About Dr. Subhadra Bhattacharya :    

           Subhadra Bhattacharya is very renowned Bengali Poet. She started the the poem from her early are of 7 yrs. only. She is the prominent poet of Seventees or Sottor Dashak in Bengali Poet area. She is the wife of famous poet of sixtees, Rana Chattapadhyay. She established her creation in every renowned Magazines. She achieved various prizes as per her high quality creation of poems. till now, she wrote Thirteen Nos. of Books of Poems. Among of them highlighted poems are "Bhul Prithibite Aami", Tap Kaler Meye", "Ghumer Rang", "Niramoy Shit", "Janma Beej "Nil Raddur", "Aamar Icchegulir Naam Aache", "Sobujer Moto Sahas Aamar Nei". Now, she is engaged as an editor of famous magazine, "Kabita Kolkata" since last 27 yrs. She is also engaged as Sub-editor of the famous Magazine, "Jigisha" which hasbeen published since 42 yrs. (Editor - Rana Chattapadhyay).

           Subhadra Bhattacharya has recieved various prizes like "Budhadev Basu Award", "Premendra Mitra Award", "Chokh Sahitya Purodkar" and other prizes for contribution towards Bengali Poetry. She has also written poetic dramas like "Jiban Theke Palate Giye", "Sapner Chesta" etc.

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