Sri Acharya's family background 500 years old hailed from Bangladesh in Faridpur district, Kotalipara famous Manasa bari of Rotal village where he was born in an astrologer and mystic healer (tantrik)'s family.

Late Gouranga Acharya (Bharati's) elder son is Shree Gobinda Acharya.
Divine Mother's blessed devotee Sri Gobinda Acharya Tantrabagish Samudrik Ratna, Gold Medallist (Benaras), M.R.A.S. (Lond.), L.M.I.S.C.A. (Cal), L.M.B.M.U. (Cal), LM.K.B.S. (NewDelhi), Bharati Award, Advisor, W.B. Almost, Editor, Religious Magazine. Introduction to power of Religious Magazine by Sri Gobinda Acharya , & Published by SRI GOBINDA ACHARYA'S Bhaktimala Audio & Video CD.

Miraculous "Sidhi Yantra's is available here for propitiating the adverse influence of planetary forces and for successfully tiding over all dangers and difficulties. These "Sidhhi Yantras" are very powerful and efficacious and are superior substitutes for costly gems and are a guarantees against all worried and anxieties. "Sindhi Yantra" TM No. 2106408 [BE WARE FROM DUPLICACY]

After used these Yantra so many disciple's pupils send the certificate to Sri Acharya. Read the Gobinda Acharya's edited Yoga o tantra saktir parichaya to know about those pupils.

To meet with Gobinda Acharya Contact Manager directly or over phone. Visiting hours: Everyday 9.00 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday Full & Sunday Evening closed. All correspondence to be addressed in the name of Sri Gobinda Acharya. For replies stamped & self addressed envelopes to be enclosed.

Arrangement for preparation of Horoscope available.
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