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    Santanu Saha, the modern poet-cum-writer-cum-editor, was born on 30th December, 1957. He has made his credential continuous in story writing, poetry, Essays etc. His father is Tinkari Chandra Saha & mother is Mahua Saha . He was born in his maternal uncle's house at Chandanpur of Hoogly District. He had spent his early boy-hood in his own village, named Maju of Jagatballabhpur, Howrah District. Now permanently, he stays at Shibpur, Howrah. His wife, Manashi Saha and his two sons' are Shamik and Souvik. He had started his writing creations in his very child-hood. His primary school named "Maju Board Prathamik Vidyalaya", then schooling partly from the school in his village - Maju named "Maju Ram Narayan Basu Uchcha madhyamik Bahumukhi High School"  and partly from Shibpur Sikshalaya  at Shibpur, Howrah with passing school final in 1974. As a Commerce Graduate, He was commercial apprentice at Guest Keen Williams Ltd., Howrah in 1977. he is now employed in State Bank of India. In his age of fifteen, he wrote the  Drama, named "Dakater Chaturi" which was stage - performed  on Rabindra Jayanti on May, 1972. His first Publlished poetry, "Atharo Bachhar" was published on the Magazine, "Bhabiyug" in 1977,and his first published story, "Bhite Tyag" was  also published on the Magazine, "Bhabiyug" in 1977. He is very much spread into creations of stories , poems , essays etc.  

He is actively attached with many little Magazines , many literary organizations and various cultural movements.  By his unique nature, he likes human - seas - forest - trees - rives, he likes to live into the sphere of writers literary and cultures. He is equally fluent in prose and poetry.

He is successful to create the reflection the philosophy of life in his writings. He has the natural talent to compose his writing in a very simple and spontaneous manner. He describes the picture of common human life in his unique way.

He makes his readers to be deeply involved with characters of his stories by his creative charms. He was the working editor of the little magazine, "Pro Re Nata" last 20 Years. He is the Life-Member of literary organization named "Sahitya-Prayasee" (of age over 45 years). Last Ten years he was the secretary of this institution. He is associated as member with literary organizations named "Sahitya-Prayasee". "Akhil Bharatiya Bhasa Sahitya Sammelan", "Antaranga", "Sur-o-Sahitya".

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