Living Arrangements ...
The idea is to make living in ‘Ganguly Banaprastha Ashram, as comfortable and peaceful as can be. This is reflected in the construction of the living quarters explicitly.
There will be two building of two floors. Every floor would have 6 rooms, each housing two residents.
The Ashram is THE place for mental, physical as well as spiritual well being and contentment of all those who have past their prime and want to live in harmony without the constant tension of routines jobs and the ever present threat of loneliness and helplessness. It is idea borne out.

Contribution -

  1. Single occupancy - Rs. 9,000/- per month
  2. Double occupancy - Rs. 14,000/- per month (each)
  3. Plus deposit of - Rs. 2,00,000/- [fully refundable without interest for each person].
  4. One months Contribution for boarding and lodging to be paid in advance.
  5. A qualified Doctor will visit as and when required. But the cost of medicine would be borne by the boarder.
  6. In case of Hospitalization, all costs to be paid by the boarder.
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