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Set in an idyllic setting in the outskirts of Kolkata, on a 5 acre area, Ganguly Banaprastha Ashram' is nestled in nature. The distance from the city is only 20 kilometers (from the airport). It boasts of modern facilities in a rural, scenic atmosphere.

Here's a verbal description of the retreat -

  • The land includes vast expanses covered in green, and a big pond as well as a seasonal water reservoir.
  • The houses from the people residing there overlook the pond
  • The land has an in-house vegetable garden, where seasonal vegetables are grown without pesticides. In only some time, the Ashram would be self sufficient in producing vegetables for its own use.
  • Fruit garden has fruit trees galore, like 350 betel nut tress, 150 banana trees, 90 coconut trees, 50 mango trees, 30 grapefruit trees and many other fruit trees as Sobeda, Ata, jamrul, Olives, Guavas etc.
  • Boating as well as fishing facilities soon to be provisioned for, would enable all the enjoy the pond more
  • A strategically located ‘Sunset Point' is to be made, for the viewing pleasure of all living there
  • A walking bay is to be constructed around the pond to provide a scenic background for the residents daily walks.
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