Welcome to Navadiganta :
We traverse
From Falsehood to Truth
From Darkness to Enlightenment
From Death to Eternity.
                                                                                       - Brihadaranyak Upanishad (1/3/24)
The Journey of Navadiganta :
Navadiganta (New Horizon) is a tiny spring board for the initiation of the quest for truth. Our motto is manifested (expressed) in our emblem. Our emblem symbolises knowledge (Jnyan) by the half rising Sun, the service (Karma) by the flowing water, the devotion (Bhakti) by the lotus and the serpent energy (Kulakundalini Shakti) by the snake coiled in a clockwise direction to form the symbol of eternity the AWUMN ( SANSKRIT - ). Awumn represent the creation (AW), the preservation (U) and destruction (MN). It also epitomises the three Gods – Lord Brahma (God of creation), Lord Vishnu (God of preservation ) and Lord Maheshwara (God of destruction).And finally TAT-TAM-ASI means you are HE
Any person can follow one or more ways represented by the symbols. But he/she has to do service to the society. We serves the down trodden people, irrespective of caste, creed and religion with care, respect and reverence, as the worshipping of God.
Navadiganta believes that serving the down-trodden, hapless beings helps people to realize the ‘Touch of Divinity’ in Life.
Philosophy Of Navadiganta :
Like many other suburbs of Kolkata, Sarsuna has also undergone rapid transformation during the last three decades. Remnants of water bodies, marshes, bamboo-groves, wastelands and old mansions of erstwhile zaminders bear testimony of bygone era. The backdrop of mystic solitude and greenery of the past witnessed the pursue of five youths, driven by spiritual idealism in the 1970s : Sachidulal Banerjee, Santanu Banerjee, Tarun Kanti Kayal, Mukul Kayal and Umasankar Purkait all college students – living in and around Sarsuna, became friends and started searching for the answers to the mysteries of ‘ the Being’ and the ‘Creation’. They meditated in a small cottage and built a small temple . Simultaneously , they were deeply touched by the plight of suffering humanity ‘as the nation passed through one crisis after another ; poverty, mal-nutrition , illiteracy, political movements, dictatorship and endless violence ruled the society in those days. The five friends soon realized that serving people and worshipping God are inseparable and no truth was truer than that.
Little did they know that they were going to create a unique Organization which would expand its charitable service to a sizable magnitude within three decades.
The Journey :
In 1977, work began with a coaching center for poor students. Besides academic studies, the students learnt community living, sharing the joy of simple living in close association with the teachers. Some students were so charmed with the ‘new education’ that they started preferring staying with the teachers even in the night. Gradually, ten poorest of poor students were provided shelter, food, dress and education by the five friends. There were no funds. As a result they begged from door to door. Starving was common. But that could hardly dampen their high spirit. This studying-teaching-begging-starving cycle continued till the organization NAVADIGANTA was born and got officially registered on 21st March 1981.

Somehow, the then State Minister for Social Welfare, Mrs. Nirupama Sen came to learn about all these happenings and helped the group with a lump sum grant of Rs.9000 in two spells . The State Government gave them the permission to look after 50 Destitute Boys and sanctioned a grant of Rs.68.50p per child per month under the Capitation Scheme in 1981 and sent 40 boys from government shelters in the following year. Later, in 1984, the cottage scheme, run concurrently by the State and the Central Government, replaced the capitation scheme and the fund allocation improved to rupees 112.50 per head per month.

In 1987, accommodations were provided to two willing old people and soon the demand for an old age home could be felt. Lots of applications started flowing in and fifteen more people were given shelter. The ground floor and the 1st floor of the old age home was constructed with help of private donations.

A unique situation emerged. Destitute children and lonely grant parents of different origins and different status came in contact with each other and enjoyed the warmth of the age-old relationship. Women in distress due to various reasons also seek refuge. They received training for various services to enable them to earn their own bread. The Ashram – organization became a place of harmony-where mutual support of the members helped each other in their existence and in living a comfortable life. The children received education, the women got safety and shelter and the elders become the guardians of all.
This ‘Mission of Harmony’ earned Sri Sachidulal Banerjee, president of NAVADIGANTA, the prestigious ASHOKA INDIA FOUNDATION AWARD in 1989.
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