The Arena of Service :
Our Motto:
NAVADIGANTA never denied any aged person from admission on the grounds of ill health (physical or mental); rather it considered dependent /chronically ill old people, often neglected by their own relatives, most deserving. But this attitude necessitated ample facility to provide health care services. It was decided to build the Hospital in 1996. A portion of the ground floor was re-arranged to accommodate outdoor, indoor, pathological and X-ray laboratory and an operation theatre.
Our Evaluation:

Navadiganta had no funds, when it began its journey. Immense sacrifice and hardship of its founder members helped to build and run the organization. However, they never ran short of faith and commitment to the course. Throughout its journey, this dual feature of abundant spirit and inadequate resources has characterized the organization. The centre of activities has shifted from the small hut where twenty students struggled with their ‘teachers’ – to a three storied residential home, a Hospital, a School and an office; Number of beneficiaries run in thousands – and the demand for more services is growing.

Navadiganta has helped the poor and destitute, diseased and neglected, homeless and mentally challenged – whenever one needed assistance. It has believed that help should be extended to any person who deserves it – and there should be no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ in it. Simple truth, no doubt, but Navadiganta has to fight against hoards of atrocities as it decided to stick to this principle for three long decades – and that itself was a test for the strength of the organization. Lonely people who are overlooked by their families, ignored by the society – and even denied of help by other organizations – flock here, at Navadiganta – and find a place to live with dignity and love.

The Hospital at Navadiganta also plays a unique role – it serves patients from the local area at a very cheap rate – and at the same time looks after the residents of the Old age home and hostels. The sickroom, the health check ups, the multidisciplinary treatment and investigation facilities – and its connection with the Homes – has mode its role a pioneering one.

However, there are some other aspects of Navadiganta, which needs attention. – STRTEGY WISE: Navadiganta has remained too busy to serve the worst affected people in our contemporary society; so busy, that it could hardly emphasize upon infusing positive practices and values into the society – so that people can live better. If Navadiganta has played examplanary role by accommodating geriatric patients and mentally challenged persons – it should also have played a more positive role of raising the standards of care for people within the society at large.

  1. It should have started programs to involve middle-aged people (living in families) into creative activities and prepare themselves extract for their future life.
  2. Navadiganta should immediately negotiate with other NGOs running similar homes – to enable them to have their own sickrooms and sebikas trained particularly to take care of geriatric patients.
  3. A voice should be raised to be capable to understand and face challenges in better facilities and cheaper treatment for common old age illnesses.
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