Our products are manufactured with modernized equipments with the help of a highly skilled professional workforce. We have a team of experienced and dedicated workers who constantly strive towards the continuous improvement in the quality of our products. In 1999, some of the models of our gloves were certified by CECAT 2, conforming to EN 420 and 388 standardization by C.T.C. Lyon, France. People all over the world has been appreciating and recognizing our quality leather and high performance levels.

Presently, we have a scientific and modern infrastructural support structure in our factory with 20 Atome (Italy) clicking machines and 100 Singer sewing machines with a total employed work force of 200. At the stage of production process, trained technicians from Italy supervise the quality of the products. At the same time, we are also fulfilling our social obligation. We are proud to admit that we don't employ any child labour.




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