“WAY OUT” was formed on 9th Day of December, 2008. This firm deals in all types of Cases (Civil, Criminal & Company matter), Property, Land & provides legal assistance to Co - operatives or Company's. The founder was very deeply moved on seeing that Cases of general public use to linger for a long time. There is a say that "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied". He then thought of providing this type of people with legal assistance in a time bound manner. This is just a drop of water in the Ocean. We would like Co-operate with all like minded people to fulfill the Dream of the founder.

The founder himself had to struggle hard in life to achieve his goal. The founder saw how Justice was denied to the poor village people by the rich people. This hardship was faced by the founder himself, which made him take a decision to study Law, inspite of having financial difficulties, just to help the needy.

The founder believes that blessings of all elders and God are required to achieve his goal.