Our extensive industry experience has enabled us to maintain a database of well trained staff who are diploma holders from concerned authorities. Their specific domain expertise enable us to provide specialized process specific services to our clients. Some of the fields in which we offer our specialized services include manpower security services, private guard security, housekeeping, horticulture, manpower recruitment for industrial, commercial, domestic complexes security and others.

We maintain an accurate and effective record of our staff and ensure that the staff we hire for our associated services are properly verified in terms of their educational & family background. This facilitates us to select right range of candidates who can provide effective working environment as per the requirements of the job. Today, apart from our standard range of services, we are also offering customized security solutions and services. These include manpower security services, private guard security, security staff services, guard security services and others. Further, to make these more effective, we run our operations on well integrated & researched program, which include security consulting, critical vulnerability study, intensive training services and others. We have also developed our expertise in offering international standard services in the field of catering, housekeeping, laundry, front office services and security.

Our Services:


  • Security Guard (Ex-Servicemen)
  • Security Guard (Trained Civilian)
  • Security Supervisor
  • Astt. Security Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Armed Guard (Gunman)
  • Lady Security Pesonnel
  • Trained Dog


  • Caretaker/Building Mgr
  • Liftman
  • Electrician
  • Gardener
  • Plumber
  • Sweeper

As per Mandatory labour law, the above personnel are entitled to a day off on weekly basis and should they be required to render services on their off days, they will have to be reimbursed for the same, on a Pro-rata basis.

We specialize in providing security services at exhibitions, fairs, Congregation and other Public gatherings, having made security arrangement at all the major exhibitions held in the city in the last 10years.

  • Security Guard
  • Ceremonial Security Guard
  • Security Supervisor
  • Security Officer
  • Plain-Clothes Man

We provide escort services to MAN, MONEY and MATERIALS. Our rates being commensurate with to the distance covered, time taken, nature of charge, category and number of Personnel involved.

We can Provide an entire range of personnel to man your establisement, from stenographers telephone operators, accountants, Peons etc. etc. We also conduct Pre-employment Screening of Personnel you have recruited on yours Own. Our charges shall be inclusive of expenses incured on release of recruitment advertisements in publications Plus one month salary of the Staft recruited.

We can Provide Professional vestigation services. Our investigation wing is manned bby EX. CBI CID and foreign treined detectives. The rates for investigation depends on the case History of the client, nature of operation, T.A. charges incurred and other over hand charges involved.




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