About Myself ...

I am inhabitant in the older part of the city of Kolkata where Kumartolly (the place of traditional clay modelling) stands by the side of the Hoogly river. Driven by an inner urge, I went to Govt. College of Art and Craft, thereafter at Kala Bhawan, Santiniketan leaving behind the family business.

I felt much better to study human beings and the society, nature with its vivid colours and variations. My sense of realisation is reflected in lines, the texture of paintings which is the fragrance of it. Using the pattern of real figure, grain of the background and the application of colours layer after layer, I try to express myself-my emotions and imaginations.

Workshop :
2006 Nandan Santiniketan, Kolkata.
2006 Offbeat, Kolkata.
2006 WBVHA, Kolkata .
2006 EZCC, Kolkata.
2006 BSNL sponsor at Coochbihar.
2006 & 05 Nadir Sangye Dekha, Princep Ghat Kolkata.
2007 Thalassaemic organised by GARGI, Kolkata.
2007 Creative Urge at Vadodara
Solo Show :
2003 Birla Academy (Kolkata)
2008 Triveni Kala Sangam (New Delhi)