Construction :

We are always open to develop structure & carry Construction job on your land by joining hands with you, being consultant also help our clients to set the ultimate prices for the property construction by us.

We strive for perfection. In every project that we will handle, we will always try to provide solution that is as perfect as situation demands and allows in terms of circulations, working, structure, interiors, construction and other details. And we will do it successfully. All our clients will appreciate our effort and the list will grow.

Both in architecture and interiors we prefer simplicity. Our designs are simple yet trendy, well resolved and timeless in character. Our designs we presume will never get out of fashion.

 Interior Design :


Interior design is the total creative solution for a programmed interior. It encompasses the conceptual planning, aesthetic and technical solutions applied to achieve the desired result for the clients.

There is the meaning of the space, what it signifies…. be it power, authority, security, wisdom, achievement, playfulness or serenity. There are practical considerations, like ease of access, amount of light, acoustics, seating and places to store or set things down. There are health and safety considerations, attention to special needs and more.


The line of least resistance is to accept the arrangement of rooms in an apartment as Fate, and use them as best as you can. But before settling for a compromise between family needs and existing facilities, it's worth to at least considering whether the room really provides for these needs and, if not, whether anything can be done about it.

Role of the Living Room

A living room of a home is the room in which visitors are entertained and with which the owner's taste is usually judged by outsiders. Now, as always, a living room is the core of domestic life, - A private place where a family can relax, and which must be furnished in a way to make friends and also outsiders feel at ease. Here again the personality and interests of the family can and should be expressed in every aspect of the furnishings and decoration.

Size and Shape :

The size and shape of the living room have direct effects upon its usability as a family gathering place. Its desirable size in a small apartment is approx. 13 ft. by 18 ft. but it should not be less than 10.5 ft by 15 ft. In any room it is important that there be not only sufficient space of proper shape for interesting and usable furniture arrangement but also that space be left for the necessary movement of persons within it. The shape of a room bears directly upon plans for its furnishing.Next in importance to the size and shape of the rooms is the architectural design of the walls, including the area of the wall space and its finish.

Windows and Natural Light :

As the social area is that part of the house in which the cultural life of the family is developed and preserved, it should be a most pleasant place. Certain considerations are important in making the living room contribute to the physical comfort of the family. A living room with several windows as well as a balcony, strategically located so as to provide both view and sunlight, is therefore highly desirable. Outdoor living areas are becoming more and more important in housing.

Living cum Dining :

The present concept of living cum dining room is one without any separating wall with the dining area being located at one side of the living room. Its advantages are openness and possible extensions for entertaining. Dining rooms are somewhat standardized in size are designed to hold the usual pieces of dining room furniture. In small houses the space devoted to dining may be as little as 8' x 10' (but this is minimum) and usually it is not a separate room but a bay or alcove off from the living room or kitchen.
For comfortable passage -
Between chair and low furniture 1' x 6"
Between chair and high furniture or wall 2 ft.
Between edges of dining room tables and major obstruction 3 ft to 3 ft 6 inches

Planning Furniture Layouts :

Planning the layout of a living room is as important as deciding on a colour scheme. To make it easy, draw a floor plan to scale on squared paper and cut out separate shapes for pieces of furniture. Place these on the plan and move them around until you have an arrangement that suits your needs.

Living Room Furniture :
Using wrought iron furniture is a good cost effective way to decorate your small living room instead of using heavy wooden furniture. While shopping for modern metal furniture, look for pieces that have a dull sheen rather than a full-on shine, as the latter will show up every scratch.

Flooring :
Marble flooring or modern ceramic tiles of neutral colours are ideal to be used in your living rooms. Natural-fiber floor coverings, such as seagrass, jute and coir, have attractive textured surfaces and are extremely hard-wearing. Some are difficult to keep clean as food spills get easily ingrained; although the seagrass matting is naturally stain resistant.





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