Services :

Counseling: Buying a home is one of the most important jobs one does in ones lifetime. It includes complexities of location, facilities provided, image of builder, quality of materials used in building, legal hassles etc. At Akool Realtors you get the most transparent deal and don’t need to think about the completion of project on time. We make sure all projects covered by us are using best building materials, well designed, finish on time and are legally sound. When you decide to buy a home or a commercial space you can rely us that you are getting the best and fastest deal in the state in a soothing way. Moreover you also form a strong and long lasting bond with Akool Realtors, which is the most important element of our achievement.

For detailed information mail your queries with requirements and your basic details or call our help-line.

 Home Loans at your door:
Today with escalating real estate prices it is not only difficult to buy a home without a home loan but the additional benefits you get for availing a home loan makes home loan a wise choice. The benefits of a home loan are saving on income tax on the interest paid on loan, less burden on your pocket as the payment period extends over a long period. We have strategic alliance in all of the major loan providing financial institutions. We promise you the experience you will have while getting a home loan will be like never before. It will be a totally hassle-free event and you can be sure that you will not have to go bank twice. We have a team of professionals who will facilitate your home loan and will provide you with everything from counseling, filling up of forms, getting it passed from the bank, details of EMIs etc.
 Resale Help:
Selling your house was never so easy! At Akool Realtors we help you to sell your house and get you the true value of your house. No hassles that is present while dealing with a local broker. You will not only get the fair price of your house but we will also guide you throughout the whole process including legal ones. Just send us the details of your house in the link provided as “Resale Posting”.
 Interior Design :
When you buy your dream home it is only a gamut of four walls. You always want to decorate your home according to your taste, which also suits the technical configuration of the flat, and according to natural laws like “Vastu” or “Feng-Shui”. Gone are the days when your hired interior designer is unable to understand the specifications of your flat. We have got our own team of professional interior designers who knows each detail of our projects and knows the best way to decorate it according to your taste, which is technically fit, and according to “Vastu” and “Feng-Shui”.