1. Professional Qualification :

• Sculpture & Painting Studies Under (From 1987-1990):
Late Prof.  Chintamoni Kar, Ex-Principal Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata.
Eminent Artist Late Shyamal Dutta Roy.

Restoration Training: (From 1991-1993):
I underwent  study and training organized by the Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta Tercentenary Trust (London Project) for Oil painting restoration under the guidance of Mr. Patrick Lindsay, Ms. Samantha Hodge and other eminent experts.

Laboratory Experience: One Year (1986):
Worked as a Laboratory Assistant at B.P. Gupta & Sons, Analytical & Consulting Chemists, 18/11A, Fern Road, Kolkata – 700 019, Telephone No. : 2440-5574, M – 9830063530
Honorary appointed (member since 2003) THE AMERICAN BIOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE, 5126 Bur Oak Circle, P.O. Box 31226, Raleigh, NC 27622, USA Phone : (919) 781-8710, Fax (919) 781-8712, E-mail : abiresearch@mindspring.com  

2. Experience:

1)    Commission work for Command Hospital (East), Kolkata; made two cement busts of late army personnel (1990)
2)    Worked on Sculpture of various medium like  terracotta, plaster of  paris, fibre glass, bronze etc.
3)    Restorer at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata (From 1987 to 1989).
4)    Member in the Jamini Roy Centenary Celebration Working Committee, Restored twenty paintings, oil on        canvas and tempara on cloth of early period of Jamini Roy for Centenary Exhibition held in the Birla Academy of        Artand Culture, Kolkata (1987).
5)    Attended the Lecture-cum-Demonstration for Oil Painting restoration at the National Museum, New Delhi in        1988 on behalf of the Birla Academy.
6)    Restored Painting of St. Francis Xavier and its frame of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata (1990).
7)    Restored a number of family portraits and other periodical paintings preserved by the Maharaja Kumar of        Burdwan (From 1987 – 1990).
8)    Restored portrait of Raibahadur Setab Chand Nahar – Oil on canvas by Iswari Prasad, Bengal School              Paintings, OrientalPaintings and Rajput Paintings preserved by the Puran Chand Nahar Institute of        Jainologhy, Kolkata (From 1987 –  1990).
9)    Restored two valuable paintings of Sir William Jones as a boy by Sir Joshua Reynolds and portrait of David Ezra,        oil on canvas at the Indian Museum, Conservation Lab., Kolkata, for the Asiatic Society, Kolkata (From 1991-        1992) and regarding  for this two paintings on 14th November 1992, Mr. Rupert Featherstone Restorer in charge        at the Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta Tercentenary Trust (London), 1992-1993 session and other eminent        restorer ofthat committee highly appreciated and certified to the Asiatic Society, Kolkata.
10)  Attended the illustrated lecture Program of conservation and restoration of Calcutta Tercentenary Trust (London)        at the Victoria Memorial Hall by the British restorers Ms. Jane Mcausland and Ms. Deirdre E. Mulley on 3rd        February1992.
11)  Attended the various lecture programs regarding conservation at the   Victoria Memorial Hall on 6th, 7th, 8th,        11th, 12th, 13th, 14th October and 30th, September 1993.
12)  Restorer at the Asiatic Society, Conservation Lab., Kolkata from 1993 to November, 2000 set up a functional        Lab. For Oil painting restoration.
13)  Participated in Conference held at the Asiatic Society in 1995 for developing a permanent Centre of Conservation        and Restoration work with the aid of UNESCO and with the technological help from Calcutta Tercentenary        Committee of London.
14)  I would like to inform that regarding the details sketch plan for displaying valuable paintings and marble busts        inside the Vidyasagar Hall and Corridor that the expert committee has been certified to me regarding my        sketch plan, at that time committee member was Late Renowned Sculptor Prof. Chintamani Kar and Dr. Hiren        Chakraborty Ex. Director and Curator at the Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata (1998).
15)  Inspected and organized proper upkeeping of valuable paintings in the Museum, completed a draft catalogue of        valuable paintings for record purpose.
16)  Several interviews were published in such leading  news papers as Amrita Bazar Patrika, Calcutta, Sat 21st        May 1994 (Now closed); The Statesman’, Sunday 27 Aug, 1995; Hindustan Times City, Wed 9 Oct, 2002;             Times of India, Kolkata Sunday 21 Aug, 2005.

Restored a number of oil on canvas painting drawn by eminent painter Mr.Wasim R. Kapoor in (2005).
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