Company Profile :

We are a major trader of Glass Bottles Crown Corks and Plastic Closer Cap Plastic Preform Glass Bottles (Beer, Wine, Softdrinks). We have a competent team of professionals,who keep in touch with the latest technological developments and processing techniques and come out with products which meet the prevailing market requirements. Right from designing, mold producing to assembling, every single procedure is carried under best control measures to meet our customers' specifications. We are committed to an ongoing research and development of new and improved products, thus broadening our product line in order to satisfy the dynamic needs of this industry. We at Continental Crowns, ascertain that every customer gains the benefit and value for money from our products which are designed with the latest technology.

Quality :

You are well aware that packaging plays a very important role in the final shape of a product. Each & every cap may seem fine but practical problems like leakage, rusting & loosening of cap & many such problems may occur when the finished product reaches the shelf. This inadvertently, affects your goodwill. Our fully automatic plant & specialized lab testing equipment ensures that each & every cap provided to our customers is defect free. We follow stringent quality control norms at each stage of production to ensure our products are at par with the international standards.


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