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  Kolkata - 700 126, West Bengal, India.
PHONE NO.: 91-33-2542 5463
MOBILE : 092308 65540
CONTACT PERSON : Mrs. Sinjini Sengupta (Literary Personality)

About Me

Abhijit Sengupta was born in 1941 in Calcutta. He graduated in Civil Engineering from Bengal Engineering College, Sibpore in 1964. He worked long in Indian Council of Agricultural Research Institute of Govt. of India and retired from there as Principal Scientist. He had to travel extensively in the forest deltas of lower Sunderbans for surveying many of those islands during the tenure of his service.

In his early boyhood he stated writing passionately. His first short story ‘Prapat’ (the fall) was published in Jugantar Patrika in 1961. He loves to work almost in all literary forms like poem, short story, novel, drama, travelogue, essay etc. Every esteemed literary journal and magazines in the arena of Bengali literature have been publishing his work regularly. Many renowned publishers of Calcutta so far have published numbers of his novel, collection of short stories and poems, drama, juvenile novel and short stories many of which have earned the wide appreciation of the Bengali readers. The travelogue titled ‘Sundarbaner Diary’ based on the intimate and varied experience gathered by me about the man and nature of Sunderban is one of them. Another of my novels titled ‘Jalakallol’ based on the complex conflict between a Scientist aspiring frantically to search the truth and the utter bureaucracy of a Research Institute had also been appreciated by the readers. Another novel of mine titled ‘Eka’(Alone) on the naxalite period of Bengal was awarded the prize by ‘Ityadi Prakashan’ a renowned publisher two decades ago. 

Apart from writing in Bengali he was accustomed in writing children’s novel, short story and poems in English also. Three children’s novels written in English and published by leading publishers of Delhi are in his credit. One of his novel titled ‘The Man of Sunderbans’ published by Children’s Book Trust  was awarded by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, Govt. of India as the best children’s novel written in English and published in India in the year 1987. Another children’s novel by him titled ‘Story of Panchami’ was published by same CBT and also was awarded by them as the second best children’s novel published in 1986.  ‘Rintu and his compass,’ another children’s novel written by him and published by National Book Trust, Govt. of India, will come to market very soon.

Apart from English novels sixteen books of novels, short fictions, poems and drama written in Bengali and published by eminent publishers of Calcutta are in his credit.

He has also a strong passion for drawing, painting and illustrating. One of his scientific fictions for children titled ‘ Nijhum Chander Rahasya’published by an eminent publisher was fully illustrated by the author. His another novel ‘Khoai’ had also been illustrated by him a sample of which has been furnished here along with few of his paintings.

Books Name Of Publisher Address
1)  Khoai   Teachers Book Agency
13C College Row,
Kolkata - 700 009
2) Jalokallol    Modern Column 10/2 Tamer Lane,
Kolkata - 700 009
3) Kuhakjatra  Aarooni  Publications 54 Patuoatola Lane,
Kolkata - 700 009
Short story    
1)  Uchchheder  Galpo Peoples Book Society 12C  Bankim Chatterjee Street,
Kolkata - 700 073
2)  Galpo Sangkalan   Pratiksan Publications Pvt.Ltd 7 Jawaharlal Nehru Road ,
Kolkata - 700 013
Children’s Novel and Stories    
1)  Sunderban Dakchhe Teachers Book Agency  
2) Nijhum Chnader Rahasya   Rupa Prakashani 37/5 Beniatola Lane,
Kolkata - 700 009
3) Panchami Puran    Pratiksan  
4)  The Story Of Panchami The Children’s Book Trust New Delhi
5) Satyi Bhoot Mithey Bhoot Parul Prakashani 8/3 Chintamani Das Lane
Kolkata - 700 009
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