Financial Planning for Ananda Kanan (AK)

Ananda Kanan truly proposes to be a Senior Citizens' Home with a difference. A home, where senior citizens will not only reside, but will lead a socially oriented purposeful life.

Samatat Sanstha, which is spearheading this project requests all enlightened citizens to come forward with funding assistance for civil construction of the Home. The donors will not have to regret when 'Ananda Kanan' starts functioning soon after the first phase of the building is completed.

Sponsorship Plans :
Sponsors can donate any amount under general category, allowing Samatat to spend the amount on AK, as priority may dictate, or, alternatively,
Sponsors can donate as under —
a. Donationa of Rs 50,000
The donor's name will be mentioned at the entrance of 1 -bedded Rooms
b. Donationa of Rs 100,000

The donor's name will be mentioned at the entrance of 2-bedded Rooms ; the Special Care (Sick) Rooms, or, Guest Rooms

c. Donationa of Rs 2 lakhs

The donor's name will be mentioned at the entrance of the Computer Room / Library / Hall / Lift;

d. Donationa of Rs. 20 lakhs
Donor's name will be displayed at the Office Room as a sponsor.
e. Donationa of Rs. 40 lakhs or above

The main Sign Board at the entrance gate of Ananda Kanan, the Sr. Citizens' Home, a Division of Samatat Sanstha, will be designed as suggested by the donor/s subject to approval by the Working Committee of Ananda Kanan.

f. Any amount not < Rs. 5,000 For building up EMRF/SRF

Estimated cost of construction of the first two storeys (first phase), Anandakanan (Sr. citizens Home) at Boral with foundation provision for 3-stories.
Area of each floor 2000 sft.

Break up of cost :

Cost of RCC framework with exterior and interior cement, Brickwork, cement plastering, Plaster of Paris finish on walls etc —
Rs. 400 per sft.
Cost of doors, windows, grills, IPS flooring etc — Rs. 130 per sft.
Cost of sanitary installation including pipe work, fitting etc—  
Rs. 60 per sft.
Cost of electrical installation including wirings etc — Rs. 60 per sft.
Cost of labour for above — Rs. 100 per sft.
Total — Rs. 750 per sft.
Total cost (1st phase) - Rs 750 X 2000 X 2 = Rs 30 00 000 (approx.)
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