Amitabha Chaudhury born in Tangail in erstwhile Bangladesh in 1946, Amitabha Chaudhury was educated in West Bengal in India and did his graduation in Engineering and post-graduation in Management at Calcutta. Professionally a corporate executive, he has worked as CEO in various companies in India.

He is acknowledged as a major Bengali writer of the present time. He and his poetry have been variably adjudged by writers and critics as 'a poet's poet', 'a modern classical poet', 'poetry of wisdom and passion', 'surreal', and as 'the protagonist of post-modern poetry' . True or exaggerated, such views are manifestation of the philosophy of his poetry as contained in the wide perspective and expressions in his poetry. His poetry is regularly published in several literary magazines in India and Bangladesh and has a pride of place in several anthologies, such as 'One Hundred (Bengali) Poets', 'Best Love Poems (in Bengali)', 'One thousand years of Bengali Poetry ', 'Best Protest poems (in Bengali)', 'Post independent Indian poetry (in Marathi)'.

His poems have been translated in English and other Indian languages such as Marathi, Gujrati, Hindi, Oriya, Assamese, and Nepalese. He also writes in English.

Several volumes of his poetry in Bengali have been published. These are, 'Ullase Bisade (In Happiness and in Sorrow) (1989)", 'Phuteche Cherri Asankha (Full many a Cherries are in blossom) (1991)', 'Abasista thake chetona (Only conscience remains) (1995)', 'Dharmaadharma (Religion-nonreligion) (1998)', 'Pancham Sonata (Fifth Sonata) (1999)', 'Hete chale Barnamala (Alphabets walk by) (1999)', 'Pala tui pala (Run, you run) (2002)', 'Charanbhtimi (Pastoral) (2005)', 'Bastuta je abasthan (The real existence (2006)' and 'Shresta Kobita (Selected Poems) (2007)'. He has recently published in December 2009 - "Voice of the Seabird", a collection of poems in English.
Besides writing poetry, Chaudhury is also a literary critic and an essayist. His essays have also been included in various collections. He has published several volumes of literary criticism, these are "Modernity First Thought" (2004), "Aesthetics of Modernity" (2008), "Discussion on Literature" (2010), "Aesthetics & Literary Criticism" (2014), "Muslim Literature" (2015), in two volumes and selected writings by Rabindranath Tagor on Aesthetics.

He has also translated in Bengali works of various poets of the world (some from English translations) that include Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Flemish, American, Latin American, Chinese, Japanese and Australian poets. His major work in translation published as volumes of poetry are 'Isia Negra (by Pablo Neruda) -1992, Orestes trilogy (by Aeschylus) - 1994 ', 'Flemish poetry To-day - 2005', 'Collected poems of Rainer Maria Rilke - 2007',. and 'World Poetry of 20th Century - 2009' He has also been an associate editor of an anthology of 'Poetry by Black American Poets' that include many of his translations and his introduction of the poets.

Chaudhury has published two fictions namely "Hogdson Sahib's Road" and "Pir Saheber Majar".
Chaudhury has represented Bengali and Indian writers and poets in various national and international meet and conferences at Nepal, Bangladesh, USA and China. He has also been the main speaker on many such conferences. He is also featured in Who's Who of Indian Literature, and Who's Who of Asia Pacific list of distinguished persons. He has attended poetry festival at Bangladesh in 2010.

He has been awarded "Utsav award', by North America's Bengali literary circle and 'Budhadev Bose Centenary Award' for poetry. He is also the recipient of 'Nation's Pride Award', "Bharat Excellence Award', 'Order of Merit', and 'Pride of Community Award' for his contribution to Indian literature and his professional Achievements.
Chaudhury is married and has a son and daughter.

Rashtriya Gaurav Award - 1993
All India Achievers Conference, New Delhi
"Samajshree" Honour, 1995 & Ordere of Merit Indian Council of Management Executives
Shri Jyoti Basu, Chief Minister, West Bengal, Releasing Bengali Translation of Memoir of Pablo Neruda (Isla Negra), February 1995
Writers Deligats-being falicitated by Chairman Chinese Writers Association at Beijing in August 2009
with Sara Barmuba from Chile on
discussion on Pablo Neruda.