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He has died on 6th June, 2010
About Late Dr. Bhakti Prasad Mallik :

BhaktiLate Dr. Bhakti Prasad Mallik was born on 29thOctober, 1922 at North Calcutta in West Bengal. After passing the Intermediate examination he had taken admission to the Scottish Church College with honours in Economics. He completed his BA honours degree from this college and was admitted to the department of Comparative Philology (now Linguistics) of the University of Calcutta for the M.A. degree. After passing M.A. in Comparative Philology he registered his name as a Ph.D. student under Professor Sukumer Sen, the then Head of the Department. He got his Ph.D. degree from the University in   1964.

Late Dr. Mallik's name is inextricably linked with the department of Linguistics, Sanskrit College, Kolkata, the only institution in West Bengal where Linguistics is being taught at the undergraduate level. He was in fact the founder of the department of Linguistics in this college. He was appointed the first permanent Lecturer in the department of Linguistics. However, from the very beginning till his retirement (1960-1984) Professor Mallik served the department of Linguistics, Sanskrit college as a devoted teacher and scholar.
Professor Late Bhakti Prasad Mallik (M. A., Ph. D., University of Calcutta) is in the Department of Linguistics, Government   Sanskrit College, University of Calcutta. Dr. Mallik's main contributions -to linguistics have been in the areas of Under world Languages, social dialects, and    Bengali    phonology. He represented India   in different international    conferences    and was   invited   to   preside     over Psycholinguistic Section, Group II, of the Eleventh International Congress of Linguists, Bologna,   Italy,   in 1972.     He    is    the   author   of Language   of the    Underworld of West    Bengal,      Aparadh-jagater bhasha,  the last two books   were awarded    Rabindranath    Tagore Memorial Prize by the Goverment of West Bengal in 1973 and of papers published in technical and professional journals.

Late Dr. Bhakti Prasad Mallik's name is known to the academic world through his contribution to the field of Language and Linguistics. He was the pioneer of studying the type and style of the Languages of the Underworld. He obtained his Doctorate degree from the University of Calcutta on this topic in the year 1964. Later on, several books were written by him on this topic both in English as well as in Bengali. These are –

  1. Aparadh Jagater Bhasha (Language of the Underworld). 1971. Calcutta: Nababharat Publishers; revisededn. 198l. Dey's Publishing;
  2. Dictionary of the Underworld Argot. 1976.Calcutta: Indian Journal of Linguistics.
  3. Aparadh Jagater Bhasha O Sabdakosh. 1993. Calcutta: Dey's Publishing.

Dr Mallik's greatest contribution to the field of Linguistics is the Linguistic -Statistical Analysis of some of the writings of Tagore. After his retirement from Sanskrit College he was appointed the principal investigator of a project sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo and Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. It was the project on the Linguistic - Statistical Analysis of some of the writings of Tagore. Later on, it continued for more than ten years under some other sponsorship. During that period many young scholars all over Bengal were inspired by him to work in the field of Linguistics. Under his editorship as well as guidance many scholars joined the project. As a result of this research work several books were published. These are –

  1. Rabindranath Tagore's Sheshlekha -a Linguistic- Statistical Analysis. 2001. Calcutta: Paschimbanga Bangla Akademi.
  2. Linguistic -Statistical Analysis of Sabhyatar Sankat. 1996. Calcutta: Rabindra Bharati University.
  3. Linguistic - Statistical Analysis of Gitanjalt 1994. Calcutta: Indian Statistical Institute

In recognition of his contribution to the field of the language of the underworld Dr. Mallik was awarded the Rabindra Puraskar by the Govt., of West Bengal in the year 1973. His another important contribution is - Phonemic - Morphemic Frequencies of Bangla.1998. Calcutta: The Asiatic society under joint authorship. He was the general editor of the Suniti Kumar Chatterji Commemoration Volume. 1981. Calcutta: The University of Burdwan. This volume contains a paper by Dr. Mallik, where he has discussed about Rabindranath Tagore's styles of pronunciation.

He was the chief editor and the founder of Indian Journal of Linguistics since its birth. Prof. M.A.K. Haliday made out a journal named " Language of the Under World of West Bengal" where he introduced three men, Late Dr. Bhakti Prasad Mallik was one of them.

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