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Dr. M.N. Roy
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About Me
Academic Qualification : B.A.,   B.Ed.,    D.H.M.S.,   P.E.T.,   F.W.T.- (Kol)

Current occupation : Medical Practitioner (Homoeo)

Previous Occupation : Government Employee - Thana Education officer. Instructor of Government P.T.I., East Pakistan.

Organisation Membership : Vice-President, Organisation for Public Health Development, Secy., People's Education Extension Society; Life Member, Bharatiya Dalit Sahitya Academy, Delhi; Adviser,  American Biographical Institute; Member, Harichand Matua Seva-sram (Trust) , Kolkata - 700 063.

Publication and Creative Works : Wrote twenty  books out of which Dr. Ambedkar Quiz (I), Chitra Babasaheb Ambedkarer Aroarkatha, Bahujan Manisider Bani, Bangla Mantra Subha Bifcaha Paddyati, Maranottor sradha Gnapan Paddyati, Bangla Mantre Puja Parban and Amader Harichand Thakur have already published.

Introduced marriage and sradha avoiding the so-called hereditary Brahman Priest among the S,C. and O.B.C. people of West Bengal and Bangladesh since 1987. The S.C. and O.B.C. people follow his books for conducts marriage and Sradha.

Invented an educational game named "INDIA TOUR GAME" for the students with the help of Indian Map.

Honours, Prizes & Awards :

  • Ambedkar Fellowship Award in 1992 (By Bharatiya Dalit Sahitya Academy, Delhi)
  • Leadership Award "The Man of the Year" 2003, (By American Biographical Institute and honoured by many social organisations with testimonials and prizes.
  • National Award " Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule" by Bharatiya Dalit Sahitya Academy, Delhi, 2009.
  • "Matna Ratna" Award by International Matna Society, 2005.
  • "Ambedkar Award" from Calcutta University, 2012.


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Dr. Roy treats all kinds of chronie diseases - Asthma, Leocodarma, Knee-pain, Ostio Arthratis, Ostio prosis, etc. Dr. Roy is not only good doctor but also a social worker, social reformer educationist, writer. It may be called that the Dr. Roy is not only an experienced physician but also a good writer, social worker, social reformer and a mini Scientist; it is invention of ‘India Tour Game’ given both pleasure and educational Knowledge of about the whole of India with in a short time.
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New Published Books:

  1. Amar Hatei Amar Swastha.
  2. Haslei Rog Sare, Hasir Katha Noi.
  3. Rog Arogye Obyortho Prakitik Chikitsa.
  4. Manob Deher Parichoy.
  5. Bina Oushadhe Rog Niramoyer Katha
  6. Pressure Sugar Med Kamao ebong Heart Bachao.
  7. Dr. Ambedkar Quiz (II)
  8. Quiz on Mahapran Jogendra Nath



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