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172/35, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata - 700014 , West Bengal, India.

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+91- 33- 2284 6034

Mobile: 0 99031 56640
Contact Person: Mr. Mihir Acharya
Designation: Writer
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Mr. Mihir Acharya was born in Dinajpur (North Bengal) now a part of Bangladesh in 1927. After schooling he shifted to Kolkata where he did his graduation pursued his post graduation. War, famine, riots he had witnessed it all. At the age of sixteen his journey as a writer had begun. A collection of short stories under the title ‘Neel Chokh’ published in 1952 gained immense popularity. The writer is Marxist in philosophy and is closely associated with the progressive writers. ‘Octopus’ is another story which is much acclaimed. The writer is proud to be considered in the family of such writers such as Manik Bandopadhyay, Narayan Gangopadhyay, Nabendu Ghosh, Sushil Jana and Nani Bhowmick.

His writings appeared in Arani, Agrani, Natun Sahitya, Purbasha, Darpan, Amrita which are the various publications he was associated with. Sukshari was a short story Journal edited by him. It was very popular among its readers. He is at present editor of the magazine ‘Lekhak Samabesh’. He has found a place in Soviet Literature. Though he has managed to participate to many literary works but he has always maintained his freedom of expression and individuality in his writings. In fact he has earned a reputation for being ‘Anti – Establishment’.

Now-a-days he is occupied in stories, novels and editorial activities and essays.

His Works :
Story Book : Short Story Book : Novel :
Edited :    
Collection Of Story : His Books :
  • Alor Sahadar.
  • Aniketa.
  • Jonakir Alo.
  • Dhusar Padatwik.
  • Dwiragaman.
  • Upannyas Samagra (1&2).
  • Galpo Samagra (1&2).
  • Sukhsari (Journal).
  • Lekhak Samabesh (Journal).
  • Bangali Buddhijibi Manas O Samaj Bhabona.
  • Sahitye Pragati O Paragati.


Memories :
Memories Memories
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Patrika Sri Narayan Chaudhury,
Mihir Acharya and Santi Acharya
Memories Memories
With Mr. Sushil Jana and
Mr. Kiransankar Sengupta
Awarding Honour to Kabi Sarojlal



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