CONTACT ADDRESS : Mahakash Chambers, 35A, Hazra Road, Near Hazra State Bank
  Kolkata - 700 019, West Bengal, India.
MOBILE : 90515 34546

About Shreemoyee

Shreemoyee started her career in the field of astrology at her early age. She had the prediction about film and Fashion. Industry which was very much true.
(Swarna Kamal came to Tollywood) She told about her presiction in R+ Channel on 31st December.

Her another prediction was also their about huge financial loss and fire.  It was told by Sreemoyee in March’09 on Srishti T.V. and all of us know about the tragedy of Nandaram Market.

In has programme on “Ne Bangla” Channel, She also predicted the unexpected change in politics and that too before election. We have experienced the disaster of ruling pasty in West Bengal. When everybody was forecasting about slang Parliament, Sreemoyee is one of the few people who fold it would be a stable Govt. in Central Politics.

Her Speciality:
Sreemoyee made her mark in Terrotcasd Reading, Neumerology, chiness Astrology, Western Astrology. She always make bold prediction with out Confution either yes or no. For Terrotcard Reading DOB/TOB is not required.


Mahakash: - 35, A. Hazra Road.  [Tues – 5.00-8.00 p.m.]

Anurag Jewealers : 222, B.B. Ganguly Street. Kol – 12 [Thursday – 12.00-4.00p.m.]

Jagrity : Howrah Moidan, Opposite Sharat – Sadan. 
Near. HSBC Bank [Tuesday-1.00-4.00p.m.]

Jotishko: Uttarpara, near young-star club. Near Gouri Bari Maidan [Wedday-5.00-8.00p.m.]
Barrackpore Subham: Near Barrackpore Chiria-more,
Santi Bazar [Wedday-1.00-4.00p.m. ]

Salt Lake: Good luck point, Near B.D. Market Opposite V.I.P. Sweet. B.D. -390, Sec – 1. [Saturday – 1.00 6.00p.m.]

Bardhaman : Near Dholdighi petrol – pump, opposite Big-bye-shop,  Residence of S.K. Hazra.
[Sunday 11.00-3.00p.m., 6.45-7.00p.m.]


Chanel-Vision, [Monday - 3.30 p.m. & Friday 12.50-1.05p.m.]

Sonar Bangla
[6.45-7.00 a.m. daily Prediction]
[ Monday & Saturday 9.45-10.00a.m.]
[Wedday-11.30 p.m. & Thursday- 7.30p.m.]

Amar- Chanel
(Live 2 Days) [Thursday - 5.25-6.00p.m. , Saturday - 12.00-12.50p.m.]

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