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About me ...

Though a businessman I take keen interest in writing and reading. I have started writing all on a sudden. The breaking year is 2005-2006; I was initiated in writing by the instigation and inspiration of some of my friends. Now I find a lot interest in writing. Mainly story writing is my passion. I cannot deny the role of my maternal uncle martyr of the Indian Independence – Sahid Prodyot Bhattacharya who was hanged to death by the British Government in the year 1933 for an attempt to kill Mr. Doglas the dangerous the then Dist. Magistrate of undivided Midnapore dist. His lifestyle has played a vital role to encourage me in writing short stories, poetries, anugalpo, features etc. Beside that while I was in service at my younger age Ihad to come in contact with varied of personalities which appear as character in mywriting.

List of Production –

  1. Aaj Mahesh O Amina (2006)
  2. Rode Jafri (Anu Galpa Sankalan - 2008)
  3. Sataire – Biswayan Maiki Joy (2008)
  4. Flying Sasar O Eai Smayer Galpo (Galpo Sankalan, 2008)
  5. Korak [1st Novel] 2009

Mainly I go on writing for the little Magazines.

Prataham Anugalpo            

Some of the important little Magazines can be mentioned –

  1. Aratrik
  2. Aajker Esa
  3. Alo
  4. Galpa Guchha
  5. Jhoro Hawa
  6. Dana
  7. Sahitya Darpan
  8. Coffee House
  9. Ekhane Roddur
  10. Iscra
  11. Mohas
  13. Anubhab
  14. Galpanu
  15. Alpa Kathayr Galpo, parichay

Apart from this – all leading newspapers such as Bartaman, Pratidin, Dainik Stateman, Ganashakti, Thathyakendra, Uttar Banga Sambad has published my stories and features.

Prize -

  1. 2nd prize for best story by Alo Patrika, for the story titled – Matsyakanya, in the year 2008.
  2. Adjudged best story book for the year 2010 & awarded “Panchyajanya” puraskar for the book – titled – Aaj Mahesh O Amina.
  3. Adjudged best story writer by Mohan. An all Bengal Competition was held, the award to be given on 20th April 2010 at Bangla Academy Savaghar.
  4. Short Story Prize awarded b7 Aajker Esha – 2006. Diversified activities – Drama & Acting Acted in TV Serials to films also.
Sahitya Sammelan Esa, Jibanananda Sabhaghar Sahitya Sabha at Neheru Childrens Museum Auditorium
Shibabharati Anusthan at Bangla Academy Drama Chakra at Sarat Sadan
Alo Prize winning moment at Jibanananda Sabhaghar Kabi Sammelan at Nandigram, Midnapore
Drama - Satti Shib Drama - Nirmam
Drama - Chakra Drama - Moina Mashir Basti



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