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About Her

Samapti Roy, born on 8th March 1958 in Coochbehar Dist. She was the daughter of Let. Suresh Chandra Neyogi and Late Ushamani Neyogi. She spent her childhood at the bank of river "Torsha". She was named as “Srotoswini” by famous poet Saral Dey. She got the inspiration from her family and nature was the teacher of all. She was under the mentorship of her elder brother Mr. Aravindo Niyogi in her earlier days. Besides, she received the guidance of Let Niraj Biswas and Let Kanon Guha. As per Samapti Roy, the capacity of utterance, correct pronunciation, voice and with the sharp memory and rhythm are the basics of recitation and also perseverance.

Achievement :
In the field of acting she is very much efficient. Just at her age of 8 yrs, 1st she performed in Ek Pashla Bisty. She was awarded as best actress in Inter District Competition by playing a momentous role in “Iahar Namti Ranjana”. Lot many times her achievements were appreciated by Press.

Her Achievements –

  1. The name of her solo cassette “Chere De Ma Kende Banchi” – inagurated by Nirendranath Chakraborty.
  2. Founder member of "Bachik Shilpi Sansad".

Consent –
Sankho Ghosh / Sunil Gangopadhyay / Samarendra Sengupta / Pranab Mukhopadhyay / Nirendranath Chakraborty / Annadasankar Roy
and many.

Function (Perform) –

  1. Rabindra Pranam
  2. Najrul Janmo Satoborsho Utsab (participated in all the programmes througout the year organised by Najrul Janmosatobarsho Utsab Committee)
  3. Sishu Sahitya Utsab
  4. Vishnupur Utsab
  5. Sonamukhi Festival
  6. Baghnan Sukanta Mela
  7. Deganga Bai Mela
  8. Vidyasagar Mela
  9. Hastashilpo Mela
  10. Samabai Mela and many more
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