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Shyamasree Basu born in 1938 at Kolkata and her talents were spotted in Drawings & Colouring at a very early age, being always encouraged at home. However her tutor Shanu Lahin, laterday a famous artist, has had spotted her creative abilities and nurtured the same to a great extent. She was always an exceptional, imanigative, and innovative with her artistic skills in school and college. Later, she had been graduated from Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkata in 1960.

Subsequently in same year, She got a PG Art appreciation certificate from University of Calcutta. She had also short stint as Art Lecturer in a Pvt. College as well. She has experienced in Creative Painter, Acrylic Painter & Oil Painter.

In Art College, She had such Class friends as Sunil Das, Jogen Chowdhury, Dhiraj Chowdhury, and Anita Ray Chowdhury amongst many, who all later on became distinguished Artists of India and International fame.

She has also had Guru Bhagya of learning her basics from late Prof Anil Bhattacherya, and got her talim in Modem & Contemporary Arts from the late Guru Sunil Madhav Sen and Sri Satyen Ghosal.

Initially, She joined the Society of Contemporary Artists in 1959-61, and later on She joined with Karuna Saba, Meera Mukherjee, Shanu Lahiri, Santosh Rohatgi to form "The Group", a consortium of Women Artists of Kolkata in 1983.Since then She had 15 Solo Exhibitions and participated in all major Group Shows and Art Camps of India, in most Metropolitan cities with successes. She also had few overseas Exhibitions in Abroad as well.

Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, Inaugurating Exhibition on 2004 at Nehru Centre, London Ex President Sankar Dayal Sharma presenting award to the Artist Shyamasree Basu on behalf AIFACS in 1999 Speaker Sri Shomenath Chatterjee Inaugurating the Exhibition of Shyamasree Basu at LKA_DL on 2004

Selected Shows - SOLO.

  • Artistry House, Park Stree, Calcutta 1962
  • AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi. , 1963,
  • Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 1964, 70, 86,92,2002,2003.
  • USIS Gallery Kolkat . 1976.
  • Lalit Kala Academy - ND, 7004.
  • Tagore Centre, Berlin, Germany by ICCR, 2004.
  • Nehru Centre, London, UK., by ICCR 2004.
  • G - Gallery, Bangalore. 2004.
  • Mc Lean Art Museumand Gallery, Glasgow, Uk. 2005.


  • THE GROUP annual show, Ca1, DL, Mumbai. 1983-2005
  • Jawar Centenary Exhibition by IAAI, New Delhi.1986
  • Mahakosal Kala Parishat , Raipur, MP.1986
  • All India Women's ArtExhibition, AIFACS,-ND. 1987
  • Chetna Art Gallery , The Group, at Mwnbai 1987
  • NABS - Santa Clara, California, USA1999
  • NABS- Marriot, Boston, Mass, USA 2001
  • Lalit Kala Academy annual show - AH. 2001
  • SIMA art Gallery, LKA - Kolkata  2002
  • CharuKala Parshat, WB, annual show 1996 - 2004
  • CEMO show for Awareness creation to Ecology. 2005.
  • 'La. Mere' Gallery, annual show, Kolkata. 1990 -2006.
  • Silver Medal at Exhibition of Arts Society's annual show Kol. 1960 
  • Governor's Gold Medal, Art Society, Kol 1971
  • Best Exhibit award by Academy of Fine Arts. Kolkata. 1993
  • President of India Medal for Senior Artist, AIF ACS. 1999
  • Lalitkala Akademy Annual 44, selection of appreciation, 2003

COMMISSIONS at Few Multi National Cos. of India, . The Indian Navy, Kolkata
The Indian Army, Officer's Mess - Guwahati. ACC Centre of Indian Army - Secuntb'abad
The Saturday Club, ( Restoration of Old painting.) Kolkata


The collection of my present abstract work arose from my desire to embody my experiences having spent my childhood in the remote wildernesss of Hazaribagh and in this bustling city of Kolkata and subsequently having traveled to many parts of World. I have learned to look at things in greater detail and have discovered the extraordinary in every small thing. I strongly feel the tranquil beauty of the Himalyays, excitements of urban cities, murmur of the Rivers & the music in the Jungles, all of which made a wondrous impact to my canvasses. Even as I like to evoke a sense of mystery and wonder of a hidden world that we normally do not see around, I also feel the pain and anxiety as these shatter and wither away under the ruthless effect of environmental degradation. Much as these paintings are directly a result of my emotional experiences and struggles with different environments and render a cry of protest, it is my hope that viewers allow themselves the freedom to relate and find their own interpretation in the context of the present turmoil the world over.

Individual collectors from - London, GIasgow, Paris, Germany, Denmark, Canada ,USA, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Singpore, and India.


"Sristi" Mixed Media on Canvas
36" x 36"
"Landscape II "Mixed Media
"Tsunami III" Mixed Media
12" x 12"
"Towards Light " Oil & Acrlic
36 " x 36"
"Tsunami II" Mixed Media
18" x 14"
"Basundhara" Mixed  Media
30" x 36"
"Featherring" Oil
36" x 36"
"Mother Earth" Oil & Acrylic
42" x 36"
"Lumminaire" Mixed Media
36" x 36"
"Light & Shade" Oil
36" x 36"
"Tsunami I" Mixed Media
36" x 42"
"Blast" Mixed Media
18" x 24"
"Landscape" Mixed  Media
"Composition" Mixed Media
"Allure" Media - Oil
"Door of Wisdom" Oil & Acrylic
36'' x 36''
"Rolling Stones " Acrylic
22'' x 29''
30'' x 30''
"Untitled I " Acrylic on Paper
13'' x 17''
"Flora & Fona" Acrylic
48'' x 36''
"Untitled III " Acrylic on Paper
13'' x 17''
"Forest Dream" Acrylic
36'' x 36''
"Deluge" Acrylic
36'' x 36''

Shyamasree Basu is all involved with the art movement from her student days. Deep within she has also felt the need to withdraw from it all. Time and again she has one just that. Its a sort of internal stock taking. so to speak after each encounter with herself. she has returned to the art scene renewed and transformed, her quick exits and entrances are fascinating and reve_1 an unmistakable vein of nobility. This sincere efforts of retreat and introspection mark her out as an artist of distinguish feat.

In the early 1960s she was on active member of the now famous "Society of Contemporary Artists" -One of the two organisations. "Calcutta Painters" being the other. that ushered the new era in art.

Similarly 5ince the early 1980s she has been the member of "The Group" which restricts its membership to Women Artists only. Group activities apart. she has been able to came out a niche for herself as a serious artist. Stylistically she has kept her distance from the supra-mythmaking expressionists. as well as the extra fantastic. super-realist and ultra-left art of her contemporaries. These styles are still at the heights of fashion.

She has however. steered clear of these alluring straits. passed the siren calls of cerebral and theoretical tunes. Incredible but true. she has depended on her creative imagination and Instincts to interpret the world within and without. .

Her recent paintings are image abstracts of her feeling of doom and disast that the planet earth seems to be fast approaching. On her canvases she has found painterly objective correlations to soil and rock erosion and environmental pollution, Like a prophetess she sings plaintive dirges in colours. She warns that. the days of the new Ur. Babylon. Nineveh. Troy and Harappo are numbered, "Repent! Make the path straight or perish", Her almost neurotic yet grim imagination disaster is blazingly attractive. Each canvas is a tragic drama of what human beings have mode of each other blazingly and nature. She believes that the artist should be committed to humanity and not to parties and systems. In that sense these paintings are mould breaking.

Sandip Sarkar 
Art Critic
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