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Dr. Udayan Kumar De

Qualifications : B.Sc. (Hons.)(C.U.); D.M.S.; F.W.T.(W.B.), P.G.D.A.P.(Psycho.);A.R.S.H. (London)
Occupation : Homoeopathic Physician

Organisation membership-

  • Life member Indian science congress association
  • Life member Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • Consulting Editor : The Contemporary Who’s Who Of American Biographical Institute

Previous attachments -

  • Ex-Resident Physician - D. N. DE Homoeopathic Medical Colege & Hospital Govt. of W.B.
  • Ex-Gazetted Medical Officer - Mahesh Bhattacharya Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital Govt. of W.B.

Experience –
For last 35 years in Govt. Homoeopathic Hospitals in the posts of House-staff, Resident physician & Gazetted Medical Officer from 1977 to April ’2011.

Treated and cured several cases of Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Cholelithiasis, Renal Calculus, Renal Failure, Enlarged Prostate, Uterine Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst, Pleural Effusion, Heart Block, Ischemic Heart Disease etc. of which some of the cases are published in the journal of The Indian science congress association.

Indian Science Congress

A Sphere of Homoeopathic Medicines in the Treatment of Renal Calculus
Udayan Kumar De
M. B. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital,
146/34A, Banamali Banerjee Road,
P.O.-Haridevpur, Kolkata-700082
Key Words: Renal calculus; Homoeopathic Treatment; U.S.G.

J. G. 49/F/H, was suffering from pain in rt. side of abdomen; burning in urethra with dysuria; Fullness of abdomen; Pt. is fair & medium built; desire for sweets, extra-salt, fish, luke warm food, winter season; Aversion to rainy season, sun-heat; An U.S.G. of whole abdomen was done on 04/05/05 and found rt. sided hydronephrosis due to obstructing calculus (7x5 mm) in rt. pelvi-ureteric junction. Came for Homoeopathic treatment due to fear of operation and medicines prescribed as follows:

  1. Nat. sulph. 6/14 doses B. D. on 30/05/05.
  2. Sulph. 30/2 doses BD on 30/06/05.
  3. Nat. Mur. 30/10 doses BD on 21/08/05.
  4. Followed by placebo in between.

Then the pt. has got no trouble with a history of passing a stone like mass during urination, after 6 months. Hence an U.S.G. was done on 28/11/05 and found both Kidneys were normal in shape, size and outline. No hydronephrosis or calculus was found also.

Ovarin Cyst and its Homoeopathic Treatment
Udayan Kumar De
M. B. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital 146/34A, Banamali Banerjee Road, P.O. Haridevpur, Kolkata-700 082
Key Words : Ovarian Cyst; Homoeopathic Treatment; USG.

A. D. 31/F/H; short height; thin built; earthen complexion; married for 8 years: no issue; irregular menses. Desire for sweet, fish. Hotness of palms and soles. An USG on 03/11/07showed left ovarian cyst (46x34mm). The patient came for homoeopathic treatment & prescribed Sulphur 30/8 doses B.D. on 17/12/2007. Followed by placebo. Menses improved slightly and then stopped. Then prescribed Sulphur 200/2 dose O.D. on 24/02/08 and followed by placebo. Ultimately the patient improved further. Menses became regular. A USG on 05/04/ 08 showed no cyst in the left ovary. Right ovary (31 X 19 mm), normal in size and no SOL seen. Left ovary (31 x 20 mm), normal in size and no SOL seen.

Benign Enlargment of the Prostate and it's Homoeopathic Treatment
Udayan Kumar De
M. B. Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital
146/34A, Banamali Banerjee Road,
P.O. -Haridevpur, Kolkata- 700 082
Key Words : Enlarged Prostate; Homoeopathic Treatment; USG

M. N. G. 76/M/H having frequency of urine, day & night; unable to hold urging dribbling. Patient is tall, thin, medium colour. Desire for fish, extra salt, sweet, winter season A USG done on 22.09.07 and found mildly enlarged prostate( 40 x 39 x 30 mm) and volume 24.5 cc. Patient came for homoeopathic treatment due to fear of operation and medicna prescribed as follows-

  1. Nat. mur. 30/8 B.D. on 01.11.07
  2. Sabal serulata Q -15 drops TDS from 13.12.07
  3. Sulphhur 30/8 B.D. on 27.12.07
  4. Psorinum 2c/2 O.D. on 20.03.08
  5. Sulphur 2c/2 O.D. on 03.04.08
  6. Bacillinum 2c/2 O.D. on 17.04.08

And the patient got relief from frequency of urine and dribbling. Hence a USG was done again on 12.05.08 and found prostate is normal in shape, size and position (41x 33 x 29 mm)

Sphere of Homeopathic Medicines in the Treatment of Haemoptysis
Udayan Kumar DE
Medical officer, M.B. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
Key words : Haemoptysis, Homeopathic treatment, CT

S.D. 37/M/H suffering.from haemoptysis diagnosed: Right sided Fibrocavitary disease- cause post-tuberculosis sequelae. Patient came on March'09 with too much (one cup a day) haemoptysis for last 10 days. Blackish-red colour of the blood with constipation, anorexia and H/O T.B.

Bacillinum 2C/2,2 hourly and Ars. Iod. 3x, 2 grains T.D.S. from 10/03/09, was given. Haemoptysis and cough gradually lessens.

Haemoptysis recurs on 01 /06/09 and given Ars. lod. 3x, 4 grains T.D.S. Haemoptysis again recurs on 04/07/09 but less than before. Then Carcinocin I M/2 O.D. on 06/07/09 followed by Ars. Iod. 3x 2 grains T.D.S. given. No haemoptysis up to this date and he felt better, with increase of weight etc.

Sphere of Homeopathic Medicines in the Treatment of Pleural Effusion
Udayan Kumar DE
Medical officer, M.B. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
Key words : Pleural effusion, Homeopathic Medicine, X ray

S.M. 54/M/H was suffering from chest pain, breathing distress and diagnosed as right sided pleural effusion and the fluid was tapped out then took Allopathic medicines(Anti-Tubercular Medicine) but got no relief . X-ray on 21-03-08 shows loss of lung volume of right lung with opacity in Right mid and lower zone. No Koch's or Malignancy found in pleural fluid.

I started with Ars Iod 3x and patient getting improved. X-ray on 01-07-09 shows starry opacity in right upper zone only. Then I prescribed Psorinum 2C/ 3 B.D. followed Ars Iod 3x. Then Tuberculinum I M/3 B.D.

Ultimately patient was free from all sorts of troubles and x-ray shows nothing abnormality was detected.

Sphere of Homoeopathic Medicines in the Treatment of Uterine Myoma
Udayan Kumar De
M. B. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
Email: dr.ukde@gmail.com; dr_de@live.com
Keywords: Prolapse of uterus, Myoma, Homoeopathic Medicine, Sepia

Nilam Devi 44/F/H; c/o irregular menses, prolapse of uterus, H/o 5 issues, stool-once daily at morning; USG on 10/10/08 shows bulky uterus (8.6x4.0x5.0 cms) with a big Myomi (3.4x3.7 in cms) at right posterior wall, came to me for treatment (due to fear of operation on 12/12/08 and I prescribed Sepia 6/10 B.D. on 12/12/08 followed by placebo. Menses improved and then stopped improving. Then repeated the medicine Sepia 6/10 B.D. on 03/03/09 and followed by placebo. USG on 17/03/09 shows bulky uterus (8x3.8x4.7 in cms) and myoma at right posterior wall noted (2.6x2.9 in cms). Hence size of uterus and that of Myoma reduced. Then prescribed Sepia 30/10 B.D. on 20/05/09 followed by placebo. Then repeated Sepia 30/10 B.D. on 25/07/09 followed by placebo. Menses became normal and the patient was improved in all respect. Then an USG was done on 12/10/09 and shows no Myoma found but mildly bulky uterus.

Conclusion: Uterine Myoma can be cured by Homoeopathic Medicine.



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