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About Amar Mukherjee :

Experience & Contribution:

  • Best Director/Actor   : All Bengal One Act Drama Competition at Banga Sanaskriti Sammelon in 1969.
    + All Bengal Inter Office Drama Competition 1971 and 1974.
  • Stood 2nd Position    : All Bengal Inter Office Recitation Competition in 1970.
  1. Achieved I.C.C.Award from Delhi - 1983 (National level)
  2. Achieved Pramathesh Barua Puraskar – 1985
  3. Achieved Kaji Sabayasachi Award - 1986
  4. Achieved Uttam Kumar Award – 1987
  • Selected and recognized by Govt, of West Bengal (Rabindra Sadan Authorities) as 'A' grade poem recitor in 1976 and took part in several Goverment functions in Govt, halls i.e. Rabindra Sadan & other halls during 1976-82.
  • Passed the direction course of Video-films from INFOCOM in 1st Division.
  • At Bangladesh conducted Seminars/Workshops on Drama/Recitation in several places and performed demonstrative programmes at Dhaka University and Radio Bangladesh, Dhaka (17 days) on their invitation in November, 1989.
  • The Bengali Club of New Delhi honoured reception with demonstrative programme at  "Kalibari"  New Delhi - 12.08.83.
  • Achieved appreciations as 'Professional Recitor' in a large number of Govt. and private commercial programmes through out West Bengal and other places viz. Delhi, Allahabad, Banaras, Patna etc. during the last 35/40 years.
  • Directed/Acted in more than 100 dramas in Office Clubs/Ameture Clubs/reputed organisations.
  • Different dramas/short plays/dances/songs/ mime acting etc. on burning issues of the society viz. Drug addiction, dowry system, wife torchering, family planning, literacy etc. have been staged under my direction (sometimes acting also) in the City and rural places throughout West Bengal/besides West Bengal, sponsored by voluntary organisations and Govt. Sectors. Drama on Drug addiction under my direction and acting was awarded First Prize in "All Bengal One-Act Drama Competition" on the specific issue organized by Calcutta Police in 1994.
  • Took active part in production of "Raktakarabi" staged on April/ May, 1997 (7 times) organized by Song & Drama Division at Madhusudan Mancha and Rabindra Sadan.
  • Performed Mono-Drama & recitation in different stages at Delhi, Meerut, and Gaziabad during Durga Puja Festival (1997, 1984 & 2001).
  • Registered "Performing Artist" as actor of Song & Drama Division, Eastern Region, under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt, of India since 1998. Group leader and Director of the Cultural Group of "Rooponandan" which was registered cultural group of Songs & Drama division  under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and performed different programmes during 1992-94 all over India.


  • Acted in "Nesha" in the main villain role at 'Pratap Mancha' in 1987-88. Dramatist, Director & Actor in "Koeler Kachhe" and "Sanghaat" (regular shows) at "Minerva Theatre" in 1990-91.
  • Regularly acting in one of the leading role in “Jaaraj" at "Minerva Theatre" in 1993.


  • Joined A.I.R. KOLKATA in 1948 at "Sishu Mahaler Asar". Then onwardly at "Galpo Dadur Aaasar" and "Bidyarthider Janya" in recitation and acting up to 1959. Took regular part in 'Radio-Week' programmes. From 1959 to 1973 acting in general section. In 1992 July, took part in the renowned drama "Jhni Jhni Pokaar Kanna" written, directed and produced by Dr. Prakash Nandy. At present taking regular part in commercial section.
  • Regular artist of Radio, Veritas during 1975-85 in Comparing, Narration and Recitation and Drama.


  • Acted in a leading role in "Thaabaa" a bengali film directed by Sri Tapan Chowdhury. Acted in a side role in "Kranti-Kaal" a bengali film directed by Amal Sur. Acted in a leading role in "Maha Chat Puja” a hindi film directed by Sri Suraj Tewari.


  • Rendered services through voice in a number of commercial programmes, took part in commentry part in two programmes of T.V.'s own programmes, in 1976 and currently in a number of programmes in DD-Bangla, ATN World, CTVN etc.


  • Performed the preamble Comparing portion of the renowned disc, record "Khelaa". (INRECO RECORDS) released on the sad happening of 16th August, 1980. A cassette containing self recitations was marketed by Voice Master Records in 1985. Preamble portions of a good number of music cassettes of eminent singers, done during the past few years.
  • An audio CD/Cassette of recitations was release by “Alpha Music” in July 2005 which achieved good response by general mass.



  • “Rango-Bango” & “Rango-Tamasha” of DD Bangla / DD7 more than 10 times & recitation a number of times.
  • Regular actor in “Sahityer Sera Samay”, “Some Theke Shukra”, “Police File” in “Akaash Bangla”.
  • “Alaukik” & “Shudhu Tomari Janya” in E.T.V., Crime Diary, Oder Bolte Daao,Tele-Films etc.
  • "Ekaal-Sekaal" (Serial) in DD1/DD7.
  • "Abaar Ekti Yudhha” serial (Main Role) in ATN World, “Khola Aakasher Niche” (One of the main character) in ATN Kolkata, etc.
  • Worked as actor in mega serial in different Bengali T.V. channels –viz Bahnisikha Aakraman, Khelager, Lajjya, Ram Krishna O Sarada, Tamasha – Rekhaa, Saadhak Bamakhayapaa etc.

Script :

  • “Rango-Bango” & “Rango-Tamasha” - more than 10 scripts.
  • Done the scripts of the year ending special programmes of "ATN - KOLKATA" - Sonar Bangla of 2004. Script writer of a few of T. V. serials and Documentary films.


  • Born at Lucknow, U.P. in October 1941.

Academic Qualification :  B.Sc. (1961)

  • Passed Civil Defence Instructor’s Course (1st Division) in 1971.
  • Rendered Voluntary Services in Calcutta Police as "Traffic Warden Officer"   in 1975-82.

Worked Experience:

  • Worked as 'Caretaker' of Andrew Yule 6 Co. Ltd., Calcutta till 1973, and obtained voluntary retirement from Coal India Limited, Calcutta in September, 1993 as Senior Office Superintendent.
  • Rendered services as Cultural Secretary and General Secretary of the Recreation Clubs many a times of Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. and Coal India Limited.
  • Learnt Songs from “RABI-TIRTHA” Calcutta. / Learnt mime -Acting to help drama direction.
  • Presently engaged in teaching in acting and recitation classes in a few Cultural Organization / Cultural Schools.



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