About Us :

There are "Sammans" and "Purashkars" galore starting from Asian Paints to anyone you can think of. Prizes now encompass Para Pujas, Housing Estates Pujas, concept & design, decoration, lighting, images and so on and so forth. But no company or organization recognizes the effort and diligence put in by the Pujari. The reasons may be diverse but one thing is very clear - the one person who single handedly conducts the entire proceedings do not even get a mention.
We aim to highlight the plight of these scholarly men who sacrifice their enjoyment during festive days and put in their best to worship the deities.

Our company with a legacy of 140 years of involvement in religious procedures is perfectly competent to organize the competition along these lines. In the last two years we have successfully held Pujari Training Camps under the aegis of Gupta Press Panjika Purohit Parishad where aspiring and practicing Purohits have been imparted training to conduct Durgapuja and Shyamapuja (Kalipuja) in accordance with the scriptures. The training included learning in Sanskrit, correct diction, knowledge of relevant Sashtras and other methodology related to both these pujas. The faculty comprised Maha-mahopadhyay Sri Murarimohan Vedantatirtha, President's Award Winner and National Professor of Sanskrit and several other scholars of repute. It was well attended and adequately covered in the media both in West Bengal and Nationally. The participants were awarded a certificate and enrolled in our panel of recommended pujaris. All of them have ID Cards in proof of their competency. They now successfully conduct pujas all over Bengal and rest of the country.

Publicity campaigns in Print media, Electronic media and FM radio shall create the necessary awareness required. Participants shall collect the Requisite Forms from our offices/outlets against a nominal fee to ensure proper conduct and deposit the same which will entail enrollment. The Judging Process will entail judging of the pujaris based on several criteria that the judges shall devise and employ during the festivities. The pujas shall be divided into residential or in-house (private) and Sarbojanin (public). Further, the city shall be split into North, South, East and West, each covered by a team of judges. Judging shall cover all the four regions as shown, spread over the four days. The judges shall after careful considerations and weighing all the options arrive at their conclusion.

We aim to run a contest through the electronic and mobile media. For this purpose our website, Bengalidurgapuja .com will be pressed in to service as well as the mobile service provider. The contest shall be open to all.
The public can be asked to judge simply on the overall poise and impression to arrive at their chosen candidates. They will not be competent to opine on the technicalities.The winners in each category shall be given a necklace,2n a mobile phone and 3r a utility item. This will be followed by consolation prizes to increase participation and a certificate of appreciation to a few more.

Benefit and Mileage:
As this is a novel idea exploring an uncharted route, this is definitely a first of sorts. Whoever does it first will be the pioneer and gain unprecedented mileage in the venture. The pujas is the single most important festivals of Bengal and any promotional campaign linked with it is certain to acquire an enormous amount of publicity.

Sponsors / Co-sponsors:
Options are open to tie up with sponsors / co-sponsors including indoor/outdoor advertising, FM radio and print media partners, apparel, transport and others.

The fine tuning can be done at mutual consent.
Basically the sponsorship will cover judges expenses, advertising costs , prizes and the finale for prize distribution. The figure we are looking at tentatively is around 51akhs.This can be procured from either one individual and/or several, with the sponsorship credits being distributed proportionally.




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